Eurovision 2018 Preview Part 4: Bulgaria, (FYR)Macedonia & Croatia

Part 4 already of this year’s previews and it includes one of the most anticipated entries of this year’s Contest. But does Bulgaria live up to the almost impossibly high expectations? And what about those two overlooked Balkan broads? Find out more in the post below, and don’t forget to leave your vote(s)!

Eurovision 2018 Preview Part 1: Azerbaijan, Iceland & Albania

All 43 (yes, you read that right) entries for the 2018 edition of our beloved contest have been chosen and the running order for the semis has (finally) been determined. So it’s high time to get the previews rolling – hold on, be strong and fasten your seatbelts: it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! UpContinue reading “Eurovision 2018 Preview Part 1: Azerbaijan, Iceland & Albania”

Eurovision 2018 – Review ‘Destination Eurovision’ (French Final) – You got me begging you for Mercy

No, thou art not dreaming: the 2018 season is already upon us! Seems like only yesterday that Salvador wiped the floor with everyone in Kiev, but my thirtysomething self can confirm more than ever that time does indeed fly. So onwards and upwards it is, and what better way to start the season than withContinue reading “Eurovision 2018 – Review ‘Destination Eurovision’ (French Final) – You got me begging you for Mercy”

ESC 2017 Semi 2 – The day after strikes again

Semi has only just been devoured and waits to be digested, or we have another meal to sit through! Yes, the days do seem to go a lot faster during Eurovision week. We haven’t even had the chance to properly mourn over disappointing gems like Blackbird and Paper! But on the Te Deum went…and soContinue reading “ESC 2017 Semi 2 – The day after strikes again”

ESC 2017 Semi 1 – The day after

Finally it’s here, the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for us anyway – not so much for the eight hopefuls that saw their dreams of reaching the final on Saturday squashed before you can say ‘I told you so’. Which is not what I’m gonna do (a lot anyway). Instead, I’m gonna tryContinue reading “ESC 2017 Semi 1 – The day after”