Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 4: Croatia, Belgium & Israel



Part four, and we’re at part two of semi one. No five stars in sight just yet. For now. Will it change today? We are getting to the Dimivision home entry after all. *coughs*

10.  Croatia – Albina – Tick Tock

The Song: Those first lines are so Pocahontas I could die. And then suddenly that chorus kicks in and we get a totally different vibe – a most welcome change it is! Loving basically everything that follows, it’s the kind of fierce pop that makes you want to strut all over the place. Yassss, queen! Loving the bit of Croatian in there, by the way. Please keep it.

Standout line: “You think you’re fancy”  I do, thank you very much.

The Voice: The high note that marks the transfer from the mellow start into the beat is VERY off-putting in that live version… Plus, the “don’t go!” isn’t always super comfortable and the “oh no” isn’t always ‘oh yeah’. Otherwise quite okay and perfectly suited to this song, but will that even matter with these previous remarks? Again noticing a significant difference with the recorded backing vocals in the chorus, sigh. Trend alert.

The Style: Anything cool and street-smart like the video will do nicely! Prance, darling, prance!

In one line: Wannabe TickTock-famous, I presume?
Why it will qualify: People prefer perfect pop princesses
Why it won’t qualify:
People need their princesses more polished

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11. Belgium – Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place

The Song: Having followed Hooverphonic for almost all of their career, they’re quite inevitable in Belgium, this feels like home in more than one way. Last year with Luka was nice enough, but the return of Geike feels like a comfortable blanket. For Alex Callier as well it seems, as this sounds like something that could have featured on their classic Jackie Cane album. Albeit more electronically influenced, like Geike’s first solo record. This sounds deceivingly simple but is actually very layered and kinda needs more than one listening to really unveil its beauty. It’ll need strong visuals to get that instant wow-feeling.

Standout line: “Don’t you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash t-shirt” Probably the starting point of the song.

The Voice: There was a time when Geike didn’t fully know how to own the stage but the past few years as a solo artist she’s just come into herself and is quite frankly a powerhouse…

The Style: ….too bad her natural shyness sometimes still gets the better of her. This needs the vintage lighting show of a lifetime, with lots of shadow-play to cleverly work with Geike’s occasional whiff of awkwardness. The Tarantino-esque video is promising on that front.

In one line: *insert obvious right place remark here*
Why it will qualify: Hooverphonic’s music is pretty much timeless and while some might think that is a gamble, we all remember what happened in 2014 with a certain Dutch entry that sounded as if it was in the wrong place.
Why it won’t qualify:
The Love Shine a Light thing is still actually a thing, which could mean Alex is in the wrong place.

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12. Israel – Eden Aline – Set Me Free

The Song: This revamped version is the exception to the revamp rule in that it actually makes it better than the initial version – this one is not as much of a hodgepodge of styles and has a more clear-cut production. It’s a nice little pop song with still one tempo switch too many in there to really sell it however. But the chorus has a nice beat to it and is at least somewhat memorable now, with just the vaguest of hints of Dua Lipa’s Levitating. It’s up against stiff competition in the solo female pop department in this semi however, and while the others sound like they could be a lead (or second) single, this one sounds more like an album track that unexpectedly made it to single status.

Standout line: “2021 degrees” Sounds hot, still feels cold.

The Voice: That whistle tone is what we need to start with here. Can’t wait to hear her (try to) channel ‘90s Mariah Carey, tbh. Miss Aline apparently won two of the biggest talent shows in Israel, so it’s a safe guess to state that the vocals will not be this entry’s downfall.

The Style: The video looks cool and at the same time as random as the song. Just pick the one vibe and stick with it, I’d say. Loving the hairworks, but that might be brainwashing by the fabulousness Symone is bringing to RPDR Season 13.

In one line: Be careful what you wish for darling.
Why it will qualify: It somehow manages to convince you that this is the one pop song you’ll vote for.
Why it won’t qualify:
People grant her her wish and set her free.

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