Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 8: Moldova, Iceland & Serbia



Part 8 announces three returnees from 2020 – how will they fare and compare?

7. Moldova – Natalia Gordienko – Sugar

The Song: No ESC without Philip Kirkorov and the Kontopouplos-Kirkorov stamp is undeniably there. Most notably in the instrumental chorus, which for once actually doesn’t bother me that much. Perhaps I’m being distracted by the visuals in the video. Luckily the lyrics aren’t drowning in sugar puns. Probably cause it manages to be fluffy and sweet all on its own. It’s on the verge of being hot air, but ends up on the good side of that very thin line…so  cotton candy it is. The tactic of going for something very different from the 2020 entry pays off, it seems.

Standout line: “Your lips are honey sweet” Just cause I needed a sugar pun.

The Voice: It’s very different from last year’s dramatic dark electropop piece, so we’ll see. The vocals will probably not be the focus point of this entry anyway.

The Style: Moldova sure has left its mark on Eurovision with some nifty staging, and if the video is anything to go by we’re in for another treat (ha!). Bring forth the giant lollypops and ice cones!

In one line: Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Why it will qualify: Cute, catchy and cavity inducing – check, check and check!
Why it won’t qualify:
Memories of dentists.

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8. Iceland – Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years

The Song: A sigh of relief when that familiar Chromeo-like beat kicks in – Daði’s back and he’s in shape…even if the shape is starting to fade just a tiny bit versus his two earlier ESC-related songs. ‘Is This Love?’ and especially ‘Think About Things’ were that teensy bit catchier, but it doesn’t stop ’10 Years’ from being a funky little ditty. And let’s face it, the wider audience slash casual viewer doesn’t even have that back story and will probably be charmed by the quirky wittyness of this entry.  Could have done without, here we go again, the gospel intervention but for comic relief it can stay.

Standout line: “We’ve been together for a decade now” Me to my blog ❤

The Voice: He’s a great storyteller, Daði, and even if he’s not the most brilliant of singers he brings something unique to the table. Love the switch to the lower part. Loving the backings as always, they give a nice vintage vibe to things – when they’re in sync.

The Style: I don’t care what anyone says: I adore the turquoise outfits with the avatar. Always have, always will. And the silly dance moves. It’s all so very tongue in cheek it sometimes seems to overshadow itself though.

In one line: How does it keep getting better? How do you keep it from getting worse?
Why it will qualify: People are (still) in on it.
Why it won’t qualify:
The joke is getting old?

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9. Serbia – Hurricane – loco Loco

The Song: “Aram sa-sa, aram sa-sa, Gulli gulli gulli gulli gulli gulli ram ra-sa” is how the well-known children’s song goes and my brain just went there thanks to the Serbian lyrics – sorry about it. Little Mix and Girls Aloud have A LOT to answer for here, but I kinda dig the trashy electropop Hurricane is trying to sell us here. Love that they kept it in Serbian. The beat is everything.

Standout line: “I’m sweet as choco moco” Speachless at this poetry.

The Voice: I remember the live vocals for Hasta La Vista. This is equally wild. So I might be having some reservations until I hear this…

The Style: The Real Housewives of Belgrade have got nothing on these three. Leopard print, disco balls, oversized sunglasses, we get it all. Too bad for these ladies that they’re in the same semi as Senhit, who outcrazes them on any day.

In one line: If you say you’re loco, you’re probably not that loco.
Why it will qualify: Crazy, just can’t sleep, so excited, in too deep
Why it won’t qualify:
It’s the local version of loco.

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2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 8: Moldova, Iceland & Serbia

  1. I’m amazed no-one seems to be putting Iceland in the winner’s chat. There will be a lot of new viewers, and new televoters this year with much of Europe still locked down (no-one in the UK will be watching, that’s the first weekend pubs and restaurants can fully open). These new people will flock to Iceland I think (and probably Germany, Malta and Denmark who I expect to surprise everyone). Switzerland might win the jury vote but I can’t see the televote warming to it at all.

    1. I know, right?! People dismissing Iceland at their own peril. It’s not exactly on the level of TaT but still catchy and surprising enough to get people AND juries voting – they might still pull it off.
      Can’t add too much on the others just yet cause #spoileralert :p

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