Eurovision 2021 Semi 1 – The Day After

  No, you weren’t dreaming – and luckily neither was I. It happened! Eurovision returned! Huzzah with a capital H! After two very long years we got a taste again…and much like with anything that seems/feels/is too good to be true, it was over before you could say ‘robbed’. But who was and who wasn’t?Continue reading “Eurovision 2021 Semi 1 – The Day After”

Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 13: Germany, United Kingdom & Netherlands

  Lucky number thirteen gets to close this year’s previews – but we’re saving some crystal ball gazing ànd the results of how you lovely people out there voted for a part 14. So be gone mr. Murphy! Speaking of feeling lucky – how will our final trio do? Is there another 5**** entry inContinue reading “Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 13: Germany, United Kingdom & Netherlands”