Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 6: San Marino, Estonia & Czechia



Semi one done and dusted – let’s jump right into semi 2!

1.  San Marino – Senhit – Adrenalina

The Song: Alright, let’s get this party started with this banger! Taking a note or two from Fuego there, with that fierce ethnic beat and the occasional drop. But it’s the fusion with hip hop that takes it to a different place and I’m all here for it. Gonna use this in my Zumba classes, it’s just such a catchy BOP! Wouldn’t it be great for ESC to have a summer hit for a winner? Damn, did I just say the w-word? *gasp* 
Disclaimer: The version on Spotify is different from the video. I wrote this before I heard that ‘revamp’. STOP. THE. REVAMPS. I mean, they didn’t mess with it too much except for that new bridge that is too serious for this fiery effort. But they should stick with the video version, it’s got a much better build-up to the rap and a more exciting flow throughout.

Standout line: “Oh oh oh – this place so fancy” Bonus point for using fancy. Side note: the order of the words in the lyrics makes it a bit hard to follow, especially when combined with the occasional dodgy word stress (ex. body).

The Voice: Not the most attractive of sounds to be honest, Senhit’s nasal vocals in the chorus enter Dana International Territory (take that as you will), especially in the high ADRENALIIIINE after Flo Rida’s part. Uh oh. Wonder if Flo rida will have an actual part in Rotterdam, by the way. Come on Rida, go with the Eurovision Flo.  

The Style: So, Senhit has effectively embraced her Freaky side and is going ALL OUT and I am SO HERE FOR IT. Oh my gosh I can’t even. This is weirdo/geeky/queer heaven. I do question a couple of those wig choices however.

In one line: The shot of adrenaline I need in 2021!
Why it will qualify: It’s the party we all need and want.
Why it won’t qualify:
It’s too freaky.

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2. Estonia – Uku Suviste – The Lucky One

The Song: The theme song for the word ‘meh’. It’s a decent electropop song, but the production is a bit too sparse to give it the vibe it needs to keep us in for three minutes. Nothing is really exciting, it’s all just…fine.

Standout line: don’t need a crystal ball to show me’” Me neither, Uku, me neither…

The Voice: The studio version promises a lot more than the NF version delivers. He’s struggling with some of the notes – and to be fair: the high ‘eeeee’ is difficult to reach and hold – which makes it a tad  uncomfortable at times as there is so much of that particular challenge.

The Style: The chains and the outfit, it’s all a bit too 50 Shades Of Grey. Guess they’re really trying to make the most of the strong points of this entry – beauty never lies now, does it?

In one line: He should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky…
Why it will qualify: Half of Europe drowns in Uku’s smoldering eyes.
Why it won’t qualify:
Unlucky number 2, the producers’ kiss of death.

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3. Czechia aka Czech Republic – Benny Cristo – Omaga

The Song: Omaga, the new words just keep on flowing in. I’m all for this alternative though – deity-free lives for all! Kinda loving the beat and the build-up here, but somehow it doesn’t feel like they’re a great match with Benny and the lyrics of the song, which both seem like a more natural fit with something that is less slick.

Standout line: “I’m tryna make you smile for a while now” Tryna number three this year and counting! also: “Můžeš být u mě klidně můžem dělat jakoby” I’m loving how a lot of countries are smuggling in one or two lines in their native language.

The Voice: We’ll see, won’t we? Doesn’t sound like it demands much, but this song demands a dynamic performance so he’ll have his work cut out for him either way.

The Style: Cutie alert. Loving his style. The shaved side combined with the African dreads: killer look. Quite Killmonger, almost – the nice version. Counting on a visual performance that ties in his style with the mood of the music.

In one line: Whattafa is an Omaga?  
Why it will qualify: It’s happy go lucky, no pretenses, just fun.  
Why it won’t qualify:
It’s a bit of a lightweight.

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