Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 3: Ireland, Cyprus & Norway



Two posts in and we’ve already got a very mixed bag. Wonder what part 3 will bring… Bring forth the victims, James!

7.  Ireland – Lesley Roy – Maps

The Song: After last year’s light-hearted rocky pop song, I didn’t expect this swing to the left. It’s much more melodic and takes you on a bit of a journey (ha!). The bridge is kinda lame, tbh – but I like this in all its Coldplay-circa-2003-ness. Could’ve done with a tad more excitement, but hey: I like the Irish entry – that’s almost exciting all by itself. Side note: how many self-empowerment themed entries are we going to get this year? Just asking for a friend.

Standout line: “I am the road.” Picture this in Jeremy Clarkson’s voice.

The Voice: Speaking of a voice – what can we expect? It sounds like Lesley’s already flirting with her vocal limits in the studio version… This needs to be on the money from the get go or it’ll be hard to sit through.  

The Style: Will she keep the Elfish-hunter look from the video? They promised ‘something never seen before’. A 3D projection of Rivendell, that’s all I’m asking for. Thanks.

In one line: Not sponsored by Google Maps – they can’t locate Rivendell, can they?
Why it will qualify: If performed and staged well, this could be a sneaky little  contender.
Why it won’t qualify:
It’s actually more like something that would finish 5th in Melodifestivalen.

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8. Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo

The Song: The answer to the question nobody asked – what do you get when you fuse Alejandro and Bad Romance, both by the Lady that is Gaga? In the chorus that is, the verses are quite dark and intriguing. But seriously, that chorus. Also: lol @ the controversy around the title. Religion really does its best to ruin everything, doesn’t it? The lyrics are deliciously stupid anyway.

Standout line: “All this spicy melts my icy edges baby for sure” is the answer to “can you LOL and eyeroll at the same time?”

The Voice: Assuming she’ll be moving around a lot, I’m curious to see how she’ll hold up. But my guess would be: long live the backing vocals.  

The Style: Yasssss, give me all of the sassssss! I sure hope she can bring the energy from the video into a stage show.

In one line: I want your love and I want your revenge, Alejandro.
Why it will qualify: People think it’s better to steal with pride than to create something inferior.
Why it won’t qualify:
It really is too Gaga.

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9. Norway – TIX – Fallen Angel

The Song: As far as easy listening pop songs go, this is quite a lightweight. What am I even listening to, is what I’m wondering while I’m trying to take in what’s happening. Two catchy lines do not a catchy song make, do they?

Standout line: “Tryna fly but I’m not able” I guess language is an ever evolving thing we have no control over. Says the one using ‘kinda’ ever so generously. 

The Voice: That was quite heavily backed in the chorus I felt, but quite okay and not exactly the most troublesome element here.

The Style: Or lack thereof. How much is too much? I’m all for more is more but it’s as if Axl Rose stumbled upon the set of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Highly confusing, you don’t know where to look first. The weird thing is – it’s very hard to look away. It’s tacky and it’s clever.

In one line: Do you really have to use ALL of the ideas on the Pinterest board?
Why it will qualify: It’ll hypnotize the rest of Europe as well.
Why it won’t qualify:
People see right through it and curse it straight to hell.

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2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 3: Ireland, Cyprus & Norway

  1. What’s wrong with “tryna” in a lyric? It’s casual but understood (, unless the issue is a Norwegian trying to sound American.

    Ireland and Cyprus really are wild cards because we haven’t heard them live. It’s hard to predict how it would do because the vocals could go either way.

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