The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and before diving head first into 2019 it’s time for a look back on fantastic year of music. So much choice, so little time…but I managed to get myself a little list anyway. Here’s what my year in music looked…eum…sounded like.

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Rest assured, that title does not function as a slogan for my feelings towards this year’s final. It’s simply a manifestation of pure self awareness. It’s the least I could do after having doubted or even ignored the eventual top three. My crystal ball was clearly on holiday. I can already hear septa Unella and her bell behind me. Shame. Shame. Shame!

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Due to extreme outdoors activities yesterday I totally missed my ‘the day after’ appointment for Semi 2 – let’s make up for that by giving a quick look back and a quick look forward in one go. Cause this is our night, we’ll fly to the top baby – oh sorry, wrong Greek crowd pleaser! Read the rest of this entry »

Funny how those weeks between the last entry being chosen and Eurovision itself seem to last forever. Tossing and turning,  looking at every entry from every angle… Until that first semi somehow manages to overturn almost everything we were nearly sure about, cause as always reality trumps fiction (pun may or may not be intended). And also: ah yeah yeah, FUEGO. Read the rest of this entry »

So we’ve sat through 43 entries and now the time has come to get out our inner medium. Let’s try to predict the outcome of both semis and who’ll come out on top in the Grand Final. Oh crystal ball, crystal ball, save us all, tell me life is beautiful, mirror mirror on the wall… Read the rest of this entry »

In the words of Frodo Baggins: IT’S DONE! We’ve come to our own Mount Doom, it’s the end of a 43 entries road. Will the final three manage to make a difference in the final ranking? Let’s find out! Stay tuned for a final round-up tomorrow!
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Two semis, 37 entries and only 2 entries that managed to earn 5 stars/hearts. How about (spoiler alert) doubling that in one go? Time for the first batch of Big Five (plus one) and unlike in previous years they actually seem to care #colormeamazed. Happy reading! Read the rest of this entry »