Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 10: Bulgaria, Finland & Latvia


part 10

After yesterday’s disappointment slash carnage, semi 2 has lost a bit of its color. Will our next set of three manage to pump back some life into it?

13. Bulgaria – Victoria – Growing Up Is Getting Old

The Song: Do you know those TikToks with the sound “to the older generation on TikTok, meaning like people born in the late ‘90s”, which ends in a sad “oh no”? This song is responsible for that kind of triggering… and that’s before we’ve even heard it. It’s the ultimate paradox though – a twentysomething crying about how growing up is getting old which makes you feel even older than you already feel cause you’re being reminded once again that youth is wasted on the young which makes you feel extra old while you try to keep on cherish your inner child… Hello, Peter Pan syndrome? Seriously, hating this entry before I’ve even played it! *plays the entry at long last* Yup, I really don’t need this (lack of) energy in my life right now, thank you. What the hell kind of pretentious posing is this anyway?

Standout line: “Lonely is a way that I survive”  Says nobody ever again after this Covid-shizzle.

The Voice: I guess it kinda ticks all sorts of ‘The Voice’ boxes and that quite frankly makes they whole thing even more begging of the FFWD button.

The Style: The vintage feel of the video, the pearl necklace… I mean, I know Harry Styles made it all hip and happening again but it feels wrong.

In one line: Wait until your joints start protesting and your hangovers last two days, then let’s talk.
Why it will qualify: People mistake this kind of posing for actual philosophy.
Why it won’t qualify:
Lighten up, buttercup.

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14. Finland – Blind Channel – Dark Side

The Song: It’s funny how Cyprus is going crazy over a title referring to the devil, while Finland picks this darkness in a NF.  It’s the kick in the nuts we all need after the quartet of songs that comes before it. Besides being a shot of much needed adrenaline, this Linkin Park tribute is perfectly enjoyable on its own as well. That’s not a sneer, this really could have featured on any of their albums and yes that is very much a compliment. Happy to hear Finland returning to their dark, longhaired roots again – this works on all fronts. I’m putting two middle fingers up, but purely as a sign of appreciation.

Standout line: “Like the 27 club” When they said they wanted to go dark they really went for it.

The Voice: Much like the afore mentioned band, the cool calm collected rap and the manic vocal in the chorus are a great combo. That scream at the end is metal gold, and even after having heard it countless times over the years it remains one of the most impressive sounds to come out of a human body.

The Style: Gutted and rotted, exactly as it needs to be. Maybe a smudge of mascara to top it off?

In one line: *insert devil horns here* 
Why it will qualify:
It’s unique in this semi for all the right reasons.
Why it won’t qualify:
It’s too hard and too in your face. (Not like that, filthy animal)

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15. Latvia – Samanta Tina – The Moon Is Rising

The Song: Last year’s entry was SO GOOD I was apprehensive about the 2021 entry but obviously there was no reason to. With Aminata Savadogo, one of the most interesting song writers in the past years imho, back on board this is another Facepunch with a capital F. It’s structure is a bit unorthodox – there’s little build-up but enough surprises to keep us on our toes anyway. If ever you could flex your muscles just by playing a tune, this would be an excellent option.

Standout line: “If you got something to say, say it to my face!”  Preach!

The Voice: Miss Tina won’t pass an opportunity to showcase her vocal powers and does it from the get go here. It’s a bit much to start off like that, but it does set the mood perfectly for what follows – it’s unapologetically in your face, take it or leave it.

The Style: Loads of cool visual ideas in the video, let’s hope they’re smart at cherry-picking just a handful for the stage performance. The song and the vocals are already A LOT to take in, I feel it needs a more streamlined performance to really get that power across the way it’s intended.

In one line: Are you still breathing after this?
Why it will qualify: If this isn’t a prime example of girl power I don’t know what is.
Why it won’t qualify:
People haven’t recovered from the Finnish storm yet and can’t take another power house.

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