Eurovision 2018 Preview Part 9: Moldova, Netherlands & Australia

Another day, another threesome – in our previews, silly! Though I bet if you asked nicely you’d find a candidate or two in our bunch for today, cause everybody’s got a little outlaw in ’em after all, right? Or is it all less exciting than you’d initially think? Happy reading and voting!

Eurovision 2018 Preview Part 6: Armenia, Switzerland, Ireland & Cyprus

We’re about to close the previews for semi one, and thanks to an odd total of 19 participants we get an even 4 in today’s preview. A slot towards the end is usually prefered, but as history has proven it’s hardly a guarantee for success. Which of these four will prevail? Let’s find out!

Eurovision 2018 Preview Part 4: Bulgaria, (FYR)Macedonia & Croatia

Part 4 already of this year’s previews and it includes one of the most anticipated entries of this year’s Contest. But does Bulgaria live up to the almost impossibly high expectations? And what about those two overlooked Balkan broads? Find out more in the post below, and don’t forget to leave your vote(s)!