Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 7: Greece, Austria & Poland



Off to a great start there for semi 2, will it be able to keep up the pace?

4.  Greece – Stefania – Last Dance

The Song: A much more mature entry than her 2020 Supergirl, this. The verses promise something different than what the chorus actually delivers, but the beat is most welcome and makes for a sweeping chorus that feels très ‘80s. The lyrics however… they are almost as basic as her entire 2020 attempt. Oh, and: there’s only one Last Dance and that’s Donna Summer’s. Again, I know how that sounds… #oldskool

Standout line: “My heart was born in neon lights” Mine too #childofthe80s

The Voice: Perfect Pop Princess has plenty of stage experience but in this solo effort she’ll need to be a Supergirl. Also: funny how the Dutch accent creeps up in a couple of moments.

The Style: Are we gonna get an Aphrodite inspired performance as well? Might I suggest having a look at Kylie’s Aphrodite tour, just in case you don’t know what to do.

In one line: Let’s dance, this last dance toniiiiiiight! (RIP Donna)
Why it will qualify: Pretty picture, decent song – it’s got everything to get people voting.
Why it won’t qualify:
It’s too early and she’ll have to try again in the near future when she’s come into her own.

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5. Austria – Vincent Bueno – Amen

The Song: Hey Siri, copy-paste the intro to Slovenia please. “Confession time (bazinga) – the trauma that is a youth spent in a Born Again Christians environment is triggered by the word Amen.” So, not off to the best of starts here, even if the Amen takes a different turn in these lyrics as well. It’s kinda touching even. For a minute. And then we get about 50 repetitions of the word in a chorus that is repeated one time too often. Also, again: there’s only one ESC Amen, and that’s Israel 1995. Which is triggering for all sorts of reasons. 

Standout line: “Amen. I Guess.” I guess.

The Voice: It’s a perfect song to Belt with a capital B, and it sounds like he can carry it. He’ll need to, cause there’s a lot of notes to get right. Curious how the switch after the first chorus back into the low verse will flow live.

The Style: Cutie alert. If he manages to grab the camera live the way he does it in the video, he’ll be seducing a lot of viewers I bet.

In one line: Can I please not get an amen up in here?
Why it will qualify: It’s certainly different from what comes before and behind it.
Why it won’t qualify:
He’s got some stiff competition in the male soloist department in this semi. 

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6. Poland – RAFAŁ – The Ride

The Song: Now THIS is the 80s production I wanted from Greece in the verses! And Poland could have done with something extra in the chorus…like Greece. Loving the Giorgio Moroder vibe here, not gonna lie – if only they’d have his production instincts as well. The melody is simple but smooth, the lyrics follow suit.

Standout line: “Not lost, following the neon lights” 80s, baby!

The Voice: Even in the studio version these vocals sound so flocking unexciting. He doesn’t seem to put in a lot of effort or even enjoy it, which is a shame. A bit more va va voum on this ride, please!

The Style: Daddy cool in tha house y’all. It’s a safe assumption that the vibe of the video will be brought to the stage, sunglasses included. I swipe left on Tinder when I see guys in sunglasses, just saying.

In one line: Not exactly the Knight Rider I was hoping for.
Why it will qualify: It’s the 80s coming back.
Why it won’t qualify:
The lack of connection and excitement. Both quite quintessential, if you ask me.

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