Eurovision 2023 Previews Part 1: Norway, Malta & Serbia

Tick tock, can you hear me go tick tock? Not as in the infamous app, silly, but as in the countdown to The Best Week Of The Year! It’s early April after all, so it’s about time to start this year’s round of previews! As per usual we’ll go through them in sets of threeContinue reading “Eurovision 2023 Previews Part 1: Norway, Malta & Serbia”

Eurovision 2022 Review: Miss Congenieurovisionality.

What’s going on? Where is the love? Heal the world. Imagine. People have the power. All we are saying is give peace a chance. There we have it: Eurovision 2022 in a nutshell. Or was there more to it than a people powered peace plea? Time for some serious scrutiny!  It’s the #eurovision 2022 #review,Continue reading “Eurovision 2022 Review: Miss Congenieurovisionality.”