Eurovision 2023 Review: Sweet And Bitter.

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to come up with. Such as a title for a blogpost. So many possibilities, so many puns. But only one question: were we really united by music? The answer is surprisingly unclear, even three weeks after the final (which is when this review finally sees the light ofContinue reading “Eurovision 2023 Review: Sweet And Bitter.”

Eurovision 2022 Review: Miss Congenieurovisionality.

What’s going on? Where is the love? Heal the world. Imagine. People have the power. All we are saying is give peace a chance. There we have it: Eurovision 2022 in a nutshell. Or was there more to it than a people powered peace plea? Time for some serious scrutiny!  It’s the #eurovision 2022 #review,Continue reading “Eurovision 2022 Review: Miss Congenieurovisionality.”

Eurovision 2018 Review – Wronger Than Wrong

Rest assured, that title does not function as a slogan for my feelings towards this year’s final. It’s simply a manifestation of pure self awareness. It’s the least I could do after having doubted or even ignored the eventual top three. My crystal ball was clearly on holiday. I can already hear septa Unella andContinue reading “Eurovision 2018 Review – Wronger Than Wrong”

Eurovision 2018 Semi 1 – The Day After

Funny how those weeks between the last entry being chosen and Eurovision itself seem to last forever. Tossing and turning,  looking at every entry from every angle… Until that first semi somehow manages to overturn almost everything we were nearly sure about, cause as always reality trumps fiction (pun may or may not be intended).Continue reading “Eurovision 2018 Semi 1 – The Day After”

Eurovision 2016 Review – Love Love Peace Peace

Come together, all flags allowed, interval act by refugees – world peace was the order of the day on the 14th of May! Well, that interval act was technically not on the 14th, but you catch my drift. Love and peace all around – until the winner was announced of course. Let’s dive right in,Continue reading “Eurovision 2016 Review – Love Love Peace Peace”

Eurovision 2015 Review – Diamond in the rough

In a reversal of fortune, after last year’s raving comments post-ESC, this year’s Diamond Edition (60 years, y’all!!) seemed to have left everyone (read: the fan community) rather disappointed slash underwhelmed. Mainly due to the show apparently, and less because of the songs. Question marks are floating their way above my head, as I wonderContinue reading “Eurovision 2015 Review – Diamond in the rough”