Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 11: Romania, Poland & Montenegro


PART 11Part 11 of the previews, deep into semi 2 and we desperately need something to lift the mood. Maybé todayé, bébébé? #eurovision #esc22 #esc2022

13. Romania – WRS – Llamame

The Song: Well, this is a bit of a pickle. The verses and the chorus don’t really seem to match, in composition as well in lyrics,  which makes for a mixed experience. They can kiss their lucky stars that the chorus is extremely catchy thanks to the triumvirate of hooks that are the bébébé, llamamé and the sirtaki-like instrumental interval. It’s all a bit on the lightweight side of the ESC universe, but that might not be the worst side to be on in this semi.

Standout line:  “I feel complete all I need is your mystic touch”   How can you feel complete when you still need something? Asking for a friend.

The Voice: Might have been due to sound issues, because I can see some fiddling with the earpiece during that NF performance, but the vocals aren’t exactly the selling point of this entry. Even with very few technical challenges, it shows that the range is quite limited. Not that the song needs overwhelming vocals, but just a bit more oomph might push this to the next level.

The Style: Loving the flamenco touches in that NF performance, and the color scheme is great as well. Even if I could do with less black and more popping colors. It’s supposed to be a fiesta after all, no?

In one line: Don’t call me bébébé.
Why it will qualify: We all need a bit of sun and fiesta.
Why it won’t qualify:
It just doesn’t pop enough.
Qualifier? YES (but only if they get the sound and vocals right)

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14. Poland – Ochman – River

The Song: Well well, if this isn’t my yearly ‘everyone seems to love this but I kinda fail to see why’ entry. I don’t exactly hate it, I just don’t feel this at all. The verses are quite alright, but once the chorus (and especially that forced beat) kicks in, I’m out. The high pitched ‘oooh’ reminds me of Arcade every single time, and that isn’t necessarily a comparison you want. It almost sounds like a song that’s been written by some kind of Artificial Intelligence Eurovision-bot thingy. It followed the recipe, but it tastes like beige and fails to make me ask for seconds.

Standout line: “Oh Lord, I‘m done”  Me too.

The Voice: Probably the best part of this entry. Hard to fault, even if that color of voice takes some getting used to.

The Style: Nothing remarkable or memorable to report. Will they go for a nautical theme, I wonder…  

In one line: River is the Aldi version of Coke. Just saying.
Why it will qualify: People don’t mind a bit of Arcade Light.
Why it won’t qualify:
The river runs dry.
Qualifier? YES… I suppose.

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15. Montenegro – Vladana – Breathe

The Song: I’d only heard the majority of the songs once or twice before diving into these reviews and I kept forgetting which one was which between this and North Macedonia. Now that we’ve carefully dissected both, there is a clear distinction although the impact is quite comparable. Ie. I’m still not interested in either one. This sounds like it could’ve been an Albanian entry from about ten to twelve years ago, with its ethnical elements, fickle structure and high level of blandness. The hook kinda works, even though it’s unclear what exactly is supposed to be so unforgiveable. The lyrics as a whole are rather bewildering tbh. I might need more oxygen for this one.

Standout line: “In the clouds foam”  Can I get another cappuccino to help this make sense, please?

The Voice: To be confirmed. Here’s hoping she’ll get a couple of pronunciation lessons before Turin, though.

The Style: This absolutely positively needs an army of wind machines on stage. Pronto!

In one line: Not exactly a breath of fresh air.
Why it will qualify: It’s a decent effort and almost alone in its genre this year.
Why it won’t qualify:
You tend to forget about it before it’s even ended.
Qualifier? NO

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Tomorrow: Belgium, Sweden & Czechia


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