Eurovision 2023 Previews Part 2: Latvia, Portugal & Ireland


Welcome back to this year’s previews! Let’s continue with the next three on offer in semi 1!

4. Latvia – Sudden Lights – Aijā

The Song: Let’s start with the good: that chorus is rather catchy and sounds surprisingly un-Latvian. I’d say ‘whatever that may mean’ but you probably know exactly what that means. There is no bad, but there is one ugly: that drum line is chaotic AF, which admittedly fits the theme of the lyrics but is strangely off-putting. How does lead singer Andrejs even know when to kick in at the start? It’s strangely unnerving tbh. Pity, because that chorus really deserved to be surrounded in a better way.

Standout line:  “I think I don’t believe in this stuff anymore” Me neither.

The Voice: The vocals are quite demure versus the atmosphere of the song, which kinda fits the ‘giving up’ theme of the lyrics. Don’t know if that works in its favor in terms of getting people to vote for them in this semi however.

The Style: That video is surprisingly light in terms of color scheme vis-à-vis the darkness of the lyrics, curious to see what they’ll bring to the stage. Minimalism feels like the way to go though.

In one line: Valentina, your smile is beautiful… Wait, sorry, wrong Aijā.
Why it will qualify: It hits a nerve.
Why it won’t qualify:
It gets on people’s nerves.
Probably not.

5. Portugal – Mimicat – Ai Coração

The Song: Looking at the lyrics and the description before I watch this, it feels like something I could and should love but somehow I…don’t? It feels quite fresh at the start but quickly waters down to something monotonous. When I’ve got the 2023 playlist on in the background and this pops up I almost feel annoyed halfway through because of the repetitive musical prowess. I get that it’s got a lovely local kinda vibe but Madre Madonna this is testing my nerves.

Standout line: “My chest is burning, my mouth is dry” Time to lay off the Mary J, me thinks.

The Voice: Mimicat (insert eye roll here) sure knows her way around a stage and gives a confident performance. The fact that she throws in a couple of audience cheer-ons only strengthens my conviction that the song is way less exciting than the performance.

The Style: Probably the best thing about this. Maybe a littles less hoedown and a little more Moulin Rouge could work wonders, but I dig it.

In one line: Mimicat, Mimicat, what are they feeding you?
Why it will qualify: It’s different enough to appeal to voters.
Why it won’t qualify:
It may be too local cabaret to get people voting.

6. Ireland – Wild Youth – We Are One

The Song: As if U2’s peace anthems weren’t stomach pain inducing on their own, they’ve now spawned a Wish-like version. Because that guitar melody really tries to get on par with Bono & Co, while the lyrics feel like the term generic doesn’t even begin to cover them. Even I am at a point where an anthem about world peace would probably go down well due to the state of the world, but it would need to be something that doesn’t taste like instant soup. Safe doesn’t cut it anymore in Eurovision.

Standout line: “When we go down, we go down.” Pure poetry. *coughs*

The Voice: Adequate enough, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that they’re trying really hard to be cool on every level and not quite succeeding.

The Style: Wondering which version of U2-light we will get here. Hopefully they’ll leave the glitter masks from the video in Dublin because random doesn’t even begin to describe it.

In one line: If you call yourself Wild, are you really that wild?
Why it will qualify: World peace works?
Why it won’t qualify:
See: in one line.
Qualifier? For most anonymous entry this year, yes. Otherwise: no.






Tomorrow: Croatia, Switzerland & Israel


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