Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 12: Belgium, Sweden & Czechia + quali prediction for semi 2


PART 12No lights off but rather light at the end of the tunnel as we come to the end of the horror that is Semi 2. And then we still have to guesstimate who’ll make it. Alexa, make my cappuccino a double today! #eurovision #esc22 #esc2022

16. Belgium – Jérémie Makiese – Miss You

The Song: Those openings bars are devilish, tricking us into thinking we’re gonna get a kind of Bond theme. And it does sound like a crossover between Sam Smith and Billie Eilish, in a tailored R&B jacket. It’s a solid package all in all…but it isn’t very exciting, is it? The ‘miss you’ bits are catchy, but somehow feel a bit artificial and get repeated one too many times. It’s in the same league as Poland somehow: I hear it’s an okay(ish) entry rationally speaking, but I find it hard to connect to.

Standout line: “I‘ve been trying to erase my mind”  That’s one way of mentioning you’ve heard the Moldovan entry.

The Voice: Another former The Voice winner, and in this case that is truly a vote of confidence. Even if I am very curious about the live version of that end note. Side note: I always thought he sang ‘now’ after the ‘Am I gonna miss you?’ but it turns out to be ‘no’. Oops.

The Style: The video is rather ridiculous but at the same time…stylish? Odd combo. Suppose the stage version will be something else entirely, even if Jeremy hinted at it being somewhat in the same realm. Doesn’t really matter though: Jérémie is cute beyond all reason, and those big brown eyes and that radiant smile can trick me into anything, anyday.

In one line: Am I gonna miss you (in the final)? Nah.
Why it will qualify: Jérémie’s a magnet.
Why it won’t qualify:
Hard to miss if it’s hardly noticed.
Qualifier? As much as it pains me to say it, I don’t see it happening. NOW/NAH/NO

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17. Sweden – Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer

The Song: This sounds like something I could/should love and yet I…don’t? I mean, it’s fine (ha!) but doesn’t really draw me in. I wonder if a different vocalist would have helped. But that wouldn’t change the fact that the strings (and consequently the atmosphere) don’t work at all in the first verse. It’s only when the beat kicks in that my ears are like ‘wait a minute…’ . The melancholic lyrics do work wonders, so that’s already something I guess. But there are some rather peculiar choices in syllables at times, which doesn’t help the overall flow. Dunno, it’s just not my cup of Absolut Vodka.

Standout line: “Oh it kills me I found the right one at the wrong time”  Will certainly strike a chord with a lot of people – it’s almost got the golden vibe of  ‘Nevermind, I’ll find someone like you’. Yes, that is indeed high praise.

The Voice: Cornelia’s vocals are surprisingly on the rough side, especially keeping in mind her girl-group history. It does feel quite affected at times, which distracts from rather than add to the overall vibe.

The Style: The affected effect continues, with the artificial casual vibe. The mic chord, the purposefully missing of camera shots… She couldn’t be more wannabe-alternative if she’d try. Not really getting the fiddling with the screen, and the choice for red and green. For an entry that feels this calculated, it’s surprisingly basic.

In one line: Red light, green light – is she going to lick cookies next? 
Why it will qualify: The lyrics and overall vibe are very relatable.
Why it won’t qualify:
Hard to imagine, but because people are put off by the artificiality of it all?
Qualifier? YES

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18. Czechia – We Are Domi – Lights Off

The Song: Another semi, another 90s beat and I am here for it. This feels like it’s got a bit more meat on the bone than its Austrian sibling in terms of story though. Quite loving the lyrics, but bewildered by the choice of title. Just call it ‘Where are you now’, go for the low hanging fruit. Make them remember you. Anyway. This is a nice surprise.

Standout line: “You‘re sailing around in my peripheral” The entire bridge to the chorus works so well and is so recognizable (the bedcovers line!), but I had to give it to this one simply for incorporating the word peripheral.

The Voice: Curious to hear those high notes on the ESC stage, tbh. From what the song presentation has already revealed, it seems we don’t have (much) reason to worry. No, that performance in the Ukrainian NF doesn’t count.

The Style: We haven’t seen much until now, except for the same jumpsuit over and over again. And one of the band members treating their guitar like a violin/cello. Maybe we need something more to really jump off the screen. Simple but effective is a golden combo, just don’t forget about the ‘effective’ part…

In one line: *turns to camera Miranda style* Peripheral.
Why it will qualify: It’s unique in sound in this semi.
Why it won’t qualify:
They don’t sail around in people’s peripheral.
Qualifier? YES

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SEMI 2 Qualification prediction

Oh sweet Jebus, here we go again. I thought semi 1 was a toughie to call, but this semi of horror poses even more problems. Especially with a couple of countries in there with very questionable a voting history (ie. striking deals) *glares at Poland, San Marino, Azerbaijan and Malta*  But let’s take a stab in the dark anywayz:

There are six solid contenders for a spot in the final: Czechia, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Romania and Cyprus.

There are five rather definite no’s: Montenegro, Israel, Azerbaijan, San Marino and North Macedonia.

Which leaves seven entries for four final places: Serbia, Ireland, Georgia, Poland, Belgium, Malta and Australia.

So let’s keep it at these ten for now:

  • Sweden
  • Czechia
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Romania
  • Cyprus
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • Ireland
  • Georgia

But I haven’t got the faintest of clues, tbh.

Tomorrow: the first finalists with Italy, Germany & France.








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