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Ow, is it March already? As spring slowly creeps around the corner and the end of on-season approaches rapidly, it’s time to gaze into our crystal ball for this year’s Melodifestivalen final. Who’ll get the ticket to Dotterdam Rotterdam? Då kör vi! (more…)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor melodifestivalen 2019

The end of on-season approaches rapidly, which can only mean one thing: time to travel to Globen Friends Arena for the grand Melodifestivalen final. We’ve seen all participants, but who will get the ticket to Tel Aviv? Hello, crystal ball? (more…)

In a couple of days we’ll know the winner of MF2018. It’s been a very mixed edition, to say the least. But who will end on top come Saturday? Let’s try and find out together in this (p)review! (more…)

“Ow, semi 4 already?” I thought to myself while going all Sheldon and demanding my own spot on the couch, getting ready to follow what has to be the worst live stream since I started following MF in 2004. Time sure goes by fast, a cliché some of the contestants in Malmö can attest to, whether they want to or not…


Right, the beginning of February! That usually means a truckload of semis and yet the only one we have written in stone on our calendar would be Melodifestivalen, getting preference over MGP’s & UMK’s anytime. But why exactly? Sure, this year would have that extra something as the Swedes have got a title to defend but in the meantime other broadcasters around Europe are finetuning their national selection and upgrading it to MF level. So why bother?


I have to admit I wasn’t always too keen on the German music scene, or at least the part of it that reached my ears through various channels without going out there and seeing for myself what they have to offer. Which means their national finals weren’t exactly troubling my schedule in the past couple of years and I wasn’t exactly planning on finding out on which digital channel they put ARD over here until Mother Nature decided otherwise. Doctor’s verdict: three days of strictly staying at home, varying between couch and bed with a viral infection to the digestive system. Enough to welcome any kind of distraction, including a German NF.


Who pressed the FFWD button? Suddenly it’s fracking January and Eurovision’s on season is back! After quite the crappy second half of 2012 (in my private life, no details necessary), which led to a lack of energy which led to a lacklustre attitude towards my blog, I am now forced to take the glove back up again as NRK kicked off the Scandinavian search for participants in Malmö. Thank god my 2013 started off way better than 2012 ended!

Since a couple of weeks yours truly can be found on Twitter and the first Big Opportunity to test this new technology (cut me some slack, once you’re in your thirties you’re a bit slower in picking up things!) would be Melodifestivalen’s final. Yes, I am aware Andra Chansen would have been a possibility as well but let’s be honest: it’s not thàt exciting and one doesn’t tweet about anything – or am I not getting the concept just yet? It was quite different anyway: pen and paper were sulking in a corner because digital media had just made them rather obsolete and the word multitasking suddenly got a whole new meaning. Though the ground principle was of course still the same: you simply need an opinion and those I thankfully/sadly (scratch what doesn’t fit) have aplenty…


My inner Craig Revel Horwood awoke yesterday – for obvious and less obvious reasons… (more…)

Everybody knows the feeling: you’re in line at the supermarket and everything’s held up by someone who can’t find his or her change. All traffic lights spontaneously turn to red whenever you’re approaching. In traffic it seems the lane you’re in is moving the slowest but as soon as you change lanes it’s the same. In other words – pun alert -you ask yourself ‘why me?’. (more…)