Eurovision 2021 Semi 1 – The Day After

  No, you weren’t dreaming – and luckily neither was I. It happened! Eurovision returned! Huzzah with a capital H! After two very long years we got a taste again…and much like with anything that seems/feels/is too good to be true, it was over before you could say ‘robbed’. But who was and who wasn’t?Continue reading “Eurovision 2021 Semi 1 – The Day After”

Eurovision 2019 Semi 2 – The Day After (and the day before)

After the fiasco that was semi 1 things looked a whole lot brighter for semi 2. Except when it came to predictions of course, because who on Earth was going to be the San Marino of the bunch? Here’s a short look back at semi 2 and a short gaze into the old crystal ballContinue reading “Eurovision 2019 Semi 2 – The Day After (and the day before)”

ESC 2017 Semi 2 – The day after strikes again

Semi has only just been devoured and waits to be digested, or we have another meal to sit through! Yes, the days do seem to go a lot faster during Eurovision week. We haven’t even had the chance to properly mourn over disappointing gems like Blackbird and Paper! But on the Te Deum went…and soContinue reading “ESC 2017 Semi 2 – The day after strikes again”