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Wait, it’s already December? Impossible! Time flies when you’re listening to awesome music, I suppose. It took me a bit, but finally managed to filter out the 19 jams that have captivated me most in the past twelve months. (more…)

After the fiasco that was semi 1 things looked a whole lot brighter for semi 2. Except when it came to predictions of course, because who on Earth was going to be the San Marino of the bunch? Here’s a short look back at semi 2 and a short gaze into the old crystal ball for the Grand Final!


Time to Wake Up and smell the coffee – we’re the day after Semi 1 already! Did we have a good time and found ourselves in Heaven, or had it been preferable to Look Away? (more…)

So… the dice are rolled, the scrutinizing is done – what’s the result now the dust has settled? Time for a round-up and some solid predictions. (more…)

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and before diving head first into 2019 it’s time for a look back on fantastic year of music. So much choice, so little time…but I managed to get myself a little list anyway. Here’s what my year in music looked…eum…sounded like.


Semi has only just been devoured and waits to be digested, or we have another meal to sit through! Yes, the days do seem to go a lot faster during Eurovision week. We haven’t even had the chance to properly mourn over disappointing gems like Blackbird and Paper! But on the Te Deum went…and so did only ten of the performers, through to Saturday night. What happened to the others? Let’s dissect. (more…)

Raving reviews all over the place: Post Eurovision Depression has left its mark yet again and fans all over Europe are fanwanking all over the 2014 edition of our beloved Contest. But was it thàt great? Was it really? A thourough analysis is needed, me thinks! Hashtag joinme.