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Is it too late for love? Better love! Fire of love! Love is forever!
Who said hate will prevail? Eurovision 2019 was clearly here to prove the contrary. (more…)

Almost there!! Three more to go in part 14 – tomorrow on the menu: final predictions and a full ranking! (more…)

The drama is high within this one – welcome to part thirteen, quelle lucky number! (more…)

Bye cynical Dimi, hello fanboy! Well, at least for two out of three today – discover which ones in part twelve! (more…)

Screams, eagles and spirits – part eleven promises to test your nerves! (more…)

Wings, chameleons and lions – (to the tune of Euphoria) Zootopiaaaaa! Things will get WILD! Or not… Hold on tight for part ten! (more…)

Where the hell are all the Nordic countries, you wonder? Not to worry, today you get two for the price of one. And one bonus country, just because we cancan. No limits, we’ll reach for the sky! Fasten your shitbelts for part nine! (more…)

Are you having the time of your life? Did you carry a watermelon? Does anybody put this baby in a corner? OK, enough with the Dirty Dancing references already – Time for part eight of the previews! (more…)

Bring on semi 2 – Fasten your shitbelts for part seven! (more…)

Only two today, thanks to/because of Ukraine. #stillmiffed Hold on tight for part six! (more…)