Eurovision 2019 Previews Part 7: Armenia, Ireland and Moldova

Bring on semi 2 – Fasten your shitbelts for part seven!

1. ARMENIA – Srbuk – Walking Out

The Song: I can already hear one of my besties saying: “of course you like it, it’s an angry woman.” And I can’t fault him, the likes of Garbage, Skunk Anansie and Alanis Morissette have influenced my puberty and thus the rest of my life I fear. So yes, I like this. Very much actually. Girl power to the wonning and such. Not overly keen on the somewhat clumsy lyrics, who disturb my groove every now and again. But I like the empowerment in this little entry. Sorry for bringing this doom upon you, Armenia: the aggressive assertive women I tend to like usually don’t make it very far.

Standout line: “You’re no more a king cause I was your crown” Yassss queen!

The Voice: Have yet to hear this live in great quality, so I’ll reserve judgement for later. She has participated in televised competitions before, so should be alright.

The Performance: I’m hoping for something as stylish as the video, without the fighting feeling. A bit of torment doesn’t hurt of course, but does it literally have to be this much in our faces? (see: Armenia 2011)

In one line: Strutting out, rather *does a catwalk-walk*
WILL IT QUALIFY? Armenia seems to be the country that manages to mislead me the most (see: 2018), so I’m pretty weary here. This semi isn’t particularly dynamic, so I see this sneaking through anyway. Famous last words.


2. IRELAND – Sarah McTernan – 22

The Song: This is so fucking mediocre I could die. It sounds like an album filler, not something that belongs in an international song contest. Why even bother if you’re not even gonna try, RTE? You’ve been pissing all over your legacy for years. Enough is enough. Stop it. Right now.

Standout line: *could not identify standout line*

The Voice: I suppose dear Sarah will give it her all, bless her. Don’t know what she sounds like live, but it won’t make a difference I’m afraid.

The Performance: I expect nothing much, and nothing will be able to save this anyway. Or will they be able to pull another LGBTQ+ trick out of their sleeves to save their skin? Will have to be an impressive trick anyway.

In one line: They’ll be lucky to even get to 22 points.
WILL IT QUALIFY? Probably the easiest prediction this year: hell to the no.


3. MOLDOVA – Anna Odobescu – Stay

The Song: Urgh. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the party songs Moldova provided the past couple of years, but I’ll have those any day above this dreary piece of drab. Standard balladry, 911! I kinda like the electronic touches they added in the music but overall this is a boot for me.

Standout line: “Go on, as I breathe in you” So…is she giving CPR?

The Voice: Nothing spectacular. It’s not horrendous, but there’s nothing that draws me in. I’m not too keen on the way she’s belting out all the words ending in ‘-ay’ and sadly those are the center of the song so….no.

The Performance: Suppose it’ll be the NF performance with some amped up visuals. She should leave the toiletpaper-waistwrap-thingie in Moldova though, or at least have a decent wind machine so she doesn’t have to throw it around herself.

In one line: Go on now go, walk out the door, just turn around now, cause you’re not welcome anymore.
WILL IT QUALIFY? I almost dare not say no, with Moldova’s qualification record. But I’m still going to. There are better ballads on offer in this semi.




Slovenia – Armenia

Cyprus – Czech Republic – Belarus – Belgium – Australia – Portugal – Greece

Finland – Serbia – Estonia – San Marino

Montenegro – Poland – Hungary – Georgia – Ireland – Moldova


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