Eurovision 2019 Previews Part 12: Netherlands, North Macedonia and Azerbaijan

Bye cynical Dimi, hello fanboy! Well, at least for two out of three today – discover which ones in part twelve!

16. NETHERLANDS – Duncan Laurence – Arcade

The Song: So, the actual song is a tad different than the one in the video but I really wanted to show a live version.  More on that below. This is a song that either leaves you cold or it hits home. For me it hits home. The lyrics go straight to my soul, and the vibe fits the lyrics to a T (or vice versa). Loving the build-up, and loving the way it comes full circle with those floating high notes. The ‘arcade’ references are a bit sparse, but I don’t know if that even really matters. Another excellent entry from our neighbours *tips hat*

Standout line: “Get me off this rollercoaster” Sounds familiar.

The Voice: This is why I wanted the video above. What. A. Voice. The way Duncan emotes the lyrics is simply magnificent, he really manages to pull you into the song and feel his emotions with him. Breathtaking.

The Performance: I’m really hoping for nothing more than great lighting and camera work, with a focus on nothing but Duncan and his vocals.

In one line: *cries*
WILL IT QUALIFY?  Of course. This could very well win IF it manages to touch people’s heartstrings. It will surely come close.


17. NORTH MACEDONIA – Tamara Todevska – Proud

The Song: I’m all for #girlpower and such. And I’ll be the first to admit that, even though I surround myself with lots of women, I have no clue what it feels like for a girl. But I imagine even if it could be easier, having this kind of heavy handed ballad wouldn’t really be the strongest of motivators or even the greatest of comforts. I appreciate the sentiment behind this, but it really is just a tad *coughs* too sentimental.

Standout line: “All the rules are made for you to lose” I think feminism has achieved at least something, no?

The Voice: Tamara was the strongest element in the 2008 Macedonian entry and she sounds powerful in the studio version so I guess I’ll be able to repeat that statement in my 2019 review.

The Performance: I’m just guessing, but I expect something rather dramatic and not too subtle.

In one line: Girl…you’ll be a woman soon…
WILL IT QUALIFY?  It could be in the mix, but it does have a Georgia 2017 vibe hanging around it…


18. AZERBAIJAN – Chingiz – Truth

The Song: It was a long wait but there it is: the perfect pop song in this year’s line-up. Brooding verses, catchy chorus, nifty production: I am in love. One might argue it’s a bit too smooth to be healthy, but then again sometimes healthy just isn’t that alluring and one simply needs a fat beat. Adoring the almost organic integration of those typical Azeri sounds, by the way. Love at first hearing, this.

Standout line: “She is a killer with that freaking perfume” I still have smells and/or sounds that warp me back in time, so: yes.

The Voice: Curious how they’ll solve this. What will Chingiz himself tackle: the falsetto or not? How will he be able to cope? Will backings be visible? Will it feel all as distant and cold as Sweden 2018 ended up feeling? Will it make any difference to my instant love for it?

The Performance: The stylish elements in the video are awesome, here’s hoping they’ll find something along those lines for the live performance – something that matches the vibe of the song of course, otherwise we’re in the same discussion as with the Greek entry.

In one line: The whole truth and nothing but the truth, please.
WILL IT QUALIFY? It should. It probably will. It could sneak into the top 5 on Saturday even. It all depends on the live, but if they could even polish the 2011-turd into a winner…


Careful Qualification Predictions

So, when all is said and done in Semi 2 – who’ll manage to qualify? I’ve got this list:

YES: Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Netherlands, Azerbaijan
MAYBE: Armenia, Moldova, Malta, Lithuania, Albania
NO: Ireland, Latvia, Romania, Austria, Croatia, North Macedonia

Which leaves room for three from the Maybe pile to upgrade to Yes. I’m gonna leave Moldova and Lithuania behind in favour of Armenia, Malta and Albania. But I admit I haven’t got a freaking clue.


Iceland – Netherlands – Azerbaijan

Slovenia – Armenia – Latvia – Denmark – Norway

Cyprus – Czech Republic – Belarus – Belgium – Australia – Portugal – Greece – Romania – Sweden – Albania

Finland – Serbia – Estonia – San Marino – Switzerland – Lithuania – Malta – Russia – North Macedonia

Montenegro – Poland – Hungary – Georgia – Ireland – Moldova – Austria – Croatia


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