Eurovision Review – 1995: With the B for Boring

Back to the Point it is for the third consecutive Contest held on the greenest of Europe’s islands, and the 1994 edition would soon prove to be enormous of influence on the following years. Not only did Riverdance announce a whole new era, the fresh sounds from the Eastern side of the continent inspired ànd confused the household nations. And it shows.Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1995: With the B for Boring”

Eurovision Review – 1994: When the winner wasn’t really the winner

What’s the point of hosting the Contest when you’ve got an interval act lined up that will make every song in the actual competition fade away in silent anonimity? Better to have given us the three minute version of Riverdance as one of the participating entries I reckon, would have worked miracles for the Contest.Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1994: When the winner wasn’t really the winner”

Eurovision Review – 1993: Welcome to the family!

Time surely passes by quickly and suddenly you’re looking at a different kind of Europe where there are no borders! The borders within the EBU reach even further and with the evolution of the (let’s call it the) free world the number of members is on the rise. As we say goodbye to the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia we welcome a LOT of new countries who are just itching to showcase themselves in the biggest pan-European tv-show – and who will hopefully bring a new flavour to the Contest…Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1993: Welcome to the family!”

Eurovision Review – 1992: Why she?

Or is it ‘why her’? Call it poetic liberty then. It’s the essence of the question that matters because with Linda Martin’s victory we only get the confirmation that the direction the Contest has taken is irreversible. Light bubblegum pop and corny ballads have put Eurovision in a corner of its own and despite some interesting attempts the juries (as always) manage to single out the songs that are irrelevant in the ’90s music scene. Nirvana, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Massive Attack all released some legendary albums the year before and yet everyone insists on fishing in the same Eurovision pond as all years before – it’s frustrating to witness. And yet it’s part of Eurovision’s charm I guess, what a love/hate relationship this is!Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1992: Why she?”

Eurovision Review – 1991: What would Ian Malcolm say?

For those of you who do not know who Ian Malcolm is: shame on you! Have you no culture? He’s only part of one of the best movies EVER (Jurassic Park – you read it right) and he’s a chaotician – does your penny drop yet? Because chaos we get in the ’91 edition of the Contest. Hold on to your butts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1991: What would Ian Malcolm say?”

Eurovision Review – 1990: Unite unite Europe! But leave Eurocat out of it.

European unification is upon…eum…Europe and boy will we have known it. Half of the field in the ’90 Contest hints at a Europe without borders so we’re in for A LOT of messages of peace and understanding. Pity the Yugoslavian TV stations JRT/RTZ felt the need to symbolize this event with one of the dumbest ideas EVER to grace the Contest.Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1990: Unite unite Europe! But leave Eurocat out of it.”

Eurovision Review – 1989: Is that really supposed to be the Matterhorn?

And I am obviously nót talking about the logo where one of the most well known mountains in Europe slash The World is depicted quite well. No, I’m talking about that pathetic excuse for a molehill there center stage. An omen if ever there was one!Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1989: Is that really supposed to be the Matterhorn?”

Eurovision Review – 1988: The fanciest chessboard ever

Back to the green island it is, thanks to mister Seán Sherrard, and I can picture worse places to be as the Irish seem to have a knack for organising the Contest – an advantage they’d need more than they’d want in the near future. The stage design is representative for the day and age this edition is held: the ’80s are roaring more loudly than ever!Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1988: The fanciest chessboard ever”

Eurovision Review – 1987: Breathless

Welkom in Brussel – Bienvenue à Bruxelles – Welcome to Brussels! In one of the most dynamic introductions up to this point, with a bit of thanks to Hergé and Co, viewers all over Europe finally get to see there’s more to Belgium than Manneken Pis, chocolate and beer. There’s no mistake here: Belgium has taken the opportunity to market itself seriously and is pulling out all stops. Hopefully the rest of Europe will hold up their end of the bargain by filling the show with decent songs!Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1987: Breathless”

Eurovision Review – 1986: It’s LA vie, biatch

Right, bring it on! In 1986 I was just 5, going on 6 when the mere 7 years older Sandra Kim assured herself of  the status of Immortal by bringing home the trophee for our tiny country, the first time since Eurovision began 30 years before. The last of the Original Seven to take the crown! Such a shame there’s not much honour in winning in such a terribly weak year…Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1986: It’s LA vie, biatch”

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