Eurovision Review – 1959: Good vibrations!

With the huge success that was Volare the future of Eurovision looked mighty bright and I’m not sure it was entirely a coincidence that the French picked the fantabulous metropole that is Cannes as the venue for the 1959 edition. The element of show started to rear its head, be it in a rather modest way, and the presentation got a slight personal touch as well. A warm people, the French!Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1959: Good vibrations!”

Eurovision Review – 1958: Bad marketing

With those first two snoozers of contests Eurovision needed something to make it stay afloat because its relevance hadn’t exactly been proven yet. Still, EBU held on firmly to the idea and they would soon be proven right. At this point in time we’ve probably got Italy to thank for the further existence of the contest, for fairly obvious reasons.
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Eurovision Review – 1957: Neither hell nor heaven

Almost a year after its launch the Eurovision Song Contest was back. Despite the lack of popularity of any of the participating songs in that first edition the EBU was determined to make a success of the contest. With the participation of three new countries everyone was allowed only one participating song with a maximum length of 3.5 minutes, which was more a guideline than a rule. But real relevance for the outside world or any connection with the developments in the music industry in those years were sadly not even remotely close.

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Eurovision Review – 1956: Let’s start at the very beginning

Lugano, 1956. Time and place when all the magic began. Well, not exactly the magic as we know it. And whether it was really magical we’ll never know as there is no visual record of little baby Eurovision Song Contest’s very first cry. Nor is there any proof (at least not any that’s been made public for all to judge) that the eventual winner was in fact the right one. But then again, is there ever a ‘right’ winner?

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