Eurovision Review – 1976: Your kisses are wasted on me

Browsing through my iTunes on a quest for inspiration I spotted the title above by the fabulous The Pipettes and couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to kick off this review. A bit negative perhaps while I don’t mean to be negative at all as I simply ADORED the 1976 Contest. The winner on the other hand…Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1976: Your kisses are wasted on me”


Eurovision Review – 1975: Det som belönas med tolv poäng är en fläskig refräng

And finally, twelve points go to… Nah, I’ll save that one for the end of this article if you don’t mind but I just wanted to emphasise the biggest change ever to the Contest – and in the meantime one of its main trademarks. Twelve points, douze points, tolv poäng: thàt’s what you want to hear during the voting, is it not? So that’s the voting procedure finally sorted. Now let’s see what damage ABBA has done, if any!Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1975: Det som belönas med tolv poäng är en fläskig refräng”

Eurovision Review – 1974: Viva la revolución!

Quite the statement, especially with thàt logo, but not to worry: I’m keeping it peaceful (enough). I’m rather talking about the revolutionary changes we’re witnessing in Eurovision – all for the better as of yet, so all lights are green! Not a statement I’d use for every contestant to grace the stage in Brighton though, and certainly NOT for the juries on duty that night!Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1974: Viva la revolución!”

Eurovision Review – 1973: Die Fledermaus in der Turnhalle

Uh. Oh. Unlike tiny Monaco, the somewhat less tiny but still not very large Luxembourg (2m² squeezed between Belgium, Germany and France) did not pass on the organisation of the contest. Danger! Even though there was no tradition of holding Eurovision in big halls in those days it was sad to see the whole thing cramped into the CLT Nouveau Théâtre, the equivalent of having a family picnic on a handkerchief. Far be it from me to lobby for Parken Stadium, but when you have to stack the orchestra you know something’s not right. Now let’s hope the songs will make us forget the setting.Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1973: Die Fledermaus in der Turnhalle”

Eurovision Review – 1972: A night at the mental institution

Quite the bunch, the line-up Edinburgh had in stall for us. By the time we got to 1972 Europe had clearly realised  they needed something to stand out of the crowd but when everybody’s trying to do the same the result is one gigantic mess. And that is of course the main reason why we love Eurovision: nothing’s crazy enough.Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1972: A night at the mental institution”

Eurovision Review – 1971: A bit of poetry and a lot of lala’s

With the dawn of a new decade we can’t seem to shake the ghost of the old one and we’ve mainly got Massiel to blame – although many tried to universal language of sheer nothingness before her. The lalala’s and papapa’s were present aplenty that spring evening in Ireland, but luckily they got balanced out occasionally by some genuine poetry. Who’d have thought?!
Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1971: A bit of poetry and a lot of lala’s”

Eurovision Review – 1970: Make or break

After the disaster that turned out to be 1969 the Contest found itself in a crisis situation. Things needed to be turned around and measures had to be taken.The number of participating countries fell back dramatically and with a bit of bad luck this would be the last edition. Somebody call the fire department, this thing’s about to explode!
Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1970: Make or break”

Eurovision Review – 1969: Four for the price of one

We’re slightly crawling towards the modern age and it’s reflected in this flowery powery version of the Contest. Although the opening organ version of the traditional Te Deum almost had us fooled, resembling the wedding scene from The Sound Of Music. Thank Goddess it wasn’t an omen.
Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1969: Four for the price of one”

Eurovision Review – 1968: Life in technicolor

Hallelujah! Not the future winner, sillies, but the sigh of relief! I’ve got colour on screen, life is good! Gone are the days that everything looks alike. But does everything still sound alike?
Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1968: Life in technicolor”

Eurovision Review – 1967: Mirror mirror on the stage

With Udo Jürgens winning with a traditional chanson the landscape of Eurovision turned back into its old self. The ratio men-women was evened out and the influence of pop was put on pause. The fact that the 1967 edition was held in a ballroom of a palace (how posh, how Viennese!) didn’t help to shake the dusty feeling. Or am I wearing my sunglasses in a candle lit room?
Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 1967: Mirror mirror on the stage”

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