Eurovision 2018 Review – Wronger Than Wrong

Rest assured, that title does not function as a slogan for my feelings towards this year’s final. It’s simply a manifestation of pure self awareness. It’s the least I could do after having doubted or even ignored the eventual top three. My crystal ball was clearly on holiday. I can already hear septa Unella andContinue reading “Eurovision 2018 Review – Wronger Than Wrong”


Eurovision 2018 Semi 1 – The Day After

Funny how those weeks between the last entry being chosen and Eurovision itself seem to last forever. Tossing and turning,  looking at every entry from every angle… Until that first semi somehow manages to overturn almost everything we were nearly sure about, cause as always reality trumps fiction (pun may or may not be intended).Continue reading “Eurovision 2018 Semi 1 – The Day After”

Eurovision 2018 Preview part 15 – Conclusions & predictions

So we’ve sat through 43 entries and now the time has come to get out our inner medium. Let’s try to predict the outcome of both semis and who’ll come out on top in the Grand Final. Oh crystal ball, crystal ball, save us all, tell me life is beautiful, mirror mirror on the wall…

Eurovision 2018 Preview Part 12: Montenegro, Slovenia & Ukraine

So, it only took us eleven posts to get a 5 star/heart entry – will there be any more? We’ve already come to the end of semi 2, chances are getting slim! Only two more posts to go before I have to get my crystal ball out – have we seen the winner already orContinue reading “Eurovision 2018 Preview Part 12: Montenegro, Slovenia & Ukraine”