Eurovision Review – 2009: In your face

It was always to be expected that Europe’s largest nation would make sure that their edition of the Contest would be an affair to remember. Little did we know which rabbits the Russians would have magically appear out of their hat. And how multicolored they would be. Much like that logo really. A rainbowcolored peacock?Continue reading “Eurovision Review – 2009: In your face”

Eurovision Review – 2008: Missian Impassibal

Off to the seventh nation in a row that has never hosted Eurovision before – which isn’t exactly surprising as Serbia has been an independent republic for a full two years. Much like Latvia and Ukraine before them they managed to secure a victory after only a handful of attempts and with the disastrous ContestContinue reading “Eurovision Review – 2008: Missian Impassibal”

Eurovision Review – 2007: The new Ireland

God kväll Helsingfors!! Took us a bloody long time to be able to say that – not because my Swedish is that bad (thank you, I won’t even try it in Finnish) no but obviously because Finland has been robbed of the victory enough in the past and it was high time the Scandinavian countryContinue reading “Eurovision Review – 2007: The new Ireland”

Eurovision Review – 2005: What’s another year?

As the illustrious boys from Eden once enthusiastically shouted out: Happy Birthday to you – Dreams will come true – If we party and dance till morning – May the years pass – With fun, happiness and joy – Always. Quite fitting to celebrate Lady Eurovision’s 50th birthday and a joyous occasion it is. MayContinue reading “Eurovision Review – 2005: What’s another year?”

Eurovision Review – 2004: The Huns are coming!

With so many new countries joining in the past decade we’re getting to know a Europe outside… well, Dublin basically! Ironically enough Turkey’s not one of those new countries as it’s been waiting for a victory ever since 1975! And so it happens we’re putting a toe in Asian waters as we’re travelling to IstanbulContinue reading “Eurovision Review – 2004: The Huns are coming!”

Eurovision Review – 2003: Léala, léala, sorimana soléo

Your guess is as good as mine really but we’ll soon learn the language of music transcends any other language so I figured the same could be applied to titles of blogposts. We’re in Riga for the 48th edition of our beloved Contest and after two rather disastrous editions we’re in desperate need of oneContinue reading “Eurovision Review – 2003: Léala, léala, sorimana soléo”

Eurovision Review – 2002: I don’t wanna!

No, I really don’t wanna! This is the post I’ve been dreading to write since the day I started doing my reviews as this is the absolute worst edition for me – and it’s not about not wanting to give out bad ratings or comments, as should’ve been clear by now, but I just can’tContinue reading “Eurovision Review – 2002: I don’t wanna!”

Eurovision Review – 2001: Mine is bigger than yours

That’s what DR must have thought when they decided to go for Parken Stadium as the location for the 2001 edition of the Contest. Quite the remarkable decision really as it had so much impact on everything and my guess would be the Danes realised they bit off more than they could chew a bitContinue reading “Eurovision Review – 2001: Mine is bigger than yours”