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So we’ve sat through 43 entries and now the time has come to get out our inner medium. Let’s try to predict the outcome of both semis and who’ll come out on top in the Grand Final. Oh crystal ball, crystal ball, save us all, tell me life is beautiful, mirror mirror on the wall… (more…)

In the words of Frodo Baggins: IT’S DONE! We’ve come to our own Mount Doom, it’s the end of a 43 entries road. Will the final three manage to make a difference in the final ranking? Let’s find out! Stay tuned for a final round-up tomorrow!

Two semis, 37 entries and only 2 entries that managed to earn 5 stars/hearts. How about (spoiler alert) doubling that in one go? Time for the first batch of Big Five (plus one) and unlike in previous years they actually seem to care #colormeamazed. Happy reading! (more…)

So, it only took us eleven posts to get a 5 star/heart entry – will there be any more? We’ve already come to the end of semi 2, chances are getting slim! Only two more posts to go before I have to get my crystal ball out – have we seen the winner already or not? Happy reading! (more…)

We’ve already had 34 entries but we’re still hungry for more, and our menu for the day has got to be the most varied of all the previews (until now). Ready for an eclectic meal? Dig in! (more…)

Just over halfway semi 2 and I’m starting to feel it – still no 5 star/heart entry on the scoreboard and we might have to wait another day cause our trio today would only be plausible in another universe entirely. Bare with, bare with!! (more…)

Another day, another threesome – in our previews, silly! Though I bet if you asked nicely you’d find a candidate or two in our bunch for today, cause everybody’s got a little outlaw in ’em after all, right? Or is it all less exciting than you’d initially think? Happy reading and voting! (more…)