Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 7: Finland, Israel & Serbia

  Semi 1 done and dusted, time to plunge into the fiery review pits of semi 2! I.M. quite the Jezebel and not at all a Corpore Sano, so this first trio had better be ready. Cause I.M. lurking in the shadows… #eurovision #esc2022 1. Finland – The Rasmus – Jezebel The Song: Ah, TheContinue reading “Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 7: Finland, Israel & Serbia”

Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 6: Norway & Armenia + quali predictions for Semi 1

  While I’m still in recovery from a chocolate hangover after this Easter weekend, I am ready to wrap up semi 1. That includes some kind of careful preliminary predictions cfr qualifications. Which mean diddly squat at this point in time, but let’s try anyway! #eurovision #esc2022