Eurovision 2023 Previews Part 10: Austria, Albania, Lithuania & Australia


Welcome back to this year’s previews! Let’s continue with the final batch from semi 2. We’ll also guesstimate who will make the final. Stay tuned for the direct finalists over the next two days!

13. Austria – Teya & Salena – Who The Hell Is Edgar?

The Song: This is so genius! It’s a pity that it has to exist of course, but that is the essence of the idea so let’s just enjoy the sublime art that comes out of a dire situation. It baffles me that it’s 2023 and we’re still facing these gigantic pay gaps everywhere, not to mention how shamefully low the pay-out per stream is, but the humor with which it is tackled here is just *chef’s kiss*.  Even poeple people who don’t (want to) get the message get their money’s worth (ha!) with plenty of clever tricks and gimmicks that feel like low hanging fruit but only add to the cynicism. So frikkin clever. Adore it.

Standout line: “Gas station Champagne is on me” The aspirin for the hangover is on me, cheers!

The Voice: So curious what this is going to sound like on stage. Hope they get it right, so the focus can go to having fun.

The Style: So curious what this is going to look like on stage. If the video is anything to go by, we’re going to have a lot of fun.

In one line: The best sounding middle finger of the year.
Why it will qualify: It’s witty, unusual and catchy.
Why it won’t qualify:
They pull a Chérinne.
Qualifier? YES

14. Albania – Albina & Familja Kelmendi – Dulje

The Song: The dramatic wailing at the start is enough for me to reach for the ear plugs. And honestly, if I’d put them in I wouldn’t miss very much, would I? It’s overly dramatic for seemingly no reason, though I get that family equals drama most of the time. Speaking from experience, yes. Maybe that’s why I’m not vibing with this. The lyrics in English are just sucking the life right out of me, and the overall vibe doesn’t help. I think I might have found my toilet break, and in this semi that is saying something.

Standout line: “Something inside me” Gurl, don’t start, it’s been so long…

The Voice: See the first line for the song section. *shivers*

The Style: If that video is anything to go by, this will feel like a local beauty contestant entering Miss Universe by accident. No sympathy for the underdog this time though.

In one line: Dull, yeah.
Why it will qualify: 404, page not found.
Why it won’t qualify:
It sucks the life out of this semi.
Qualifier? NO

15. Lithuania – Monika Linkytė – Stay

The Song: The lyrics here are making me teary eyed because they come very close to the experience that I’ve lived in the past year and a half. Having had a nervous breakdown and slowly coming out through the other end with a whole new energy, this hits very close to home. Especially in the verses. The switch to the chorus comes somewhat abrupt however, and though the narrative gets clearer as the song progresses it still feels a bit jarring. Same goes for the ‘Čiūto tūto’, which is a kind of magical chant according to the bio. I get why it’s there, but it feels like one idea too many and it doesn’t really add up. Musically this isn’t exactly my thing in all of its gospelpopness, but it doesn’t bother me that much in this case. It has a kind of warmth glowing from it, so I’ll allow it to…here it comes…stay.

Standout line:To find myself within me” I hear ya, sister.

The Voice: Perfectly adequate. Though some of the longer stretched iterations of the song title tend to get a bit thin. But nothing major to worry about.

The Style: I liked the simplicity of the NF staging and I hope they won’t change too much in Liverpool. Loving the diverse set of backing singers and their interaction with Monika. The sunrise in the visuals is a nice touch and I think the only thing I would change would be Monika’s monochromatic outfit. But as the French say: les goûts et les couleurs, ça ne se discute pas !

In one line: Orange is the new blonde.
Why it will qualify:
It’s a ray of sunshine in a sea of black.
Why it won’t qualify:
People think she’s saying ‘ciao a tutti’ and mistake it for a will to go home.

16. Australia – Voyager – Promise

The Song: Saved (one of) the best for last in this semi. The vibe is just ace, love the occasional grunt bombs and the abundance of electronics interwoven with the heavy drums and guitars. Don’t get the instrumental interlude because I still think it’s weird to see musicians miming, but hey. Lyrically also on point, with a sense of desperation and hope getting intertwined and it suits the vibe to a T.

Standout line: “Promise me it’s gonna be alright.” It won’t, but let’s play pretend for optimism’s sake.

The Voice: No complaints here, gimme all the raw power you’ve got. No recorded backings. Pretty please?

The Style: The video is promising (ha!) and reminds me a lot of the onstage performance we saw in MF with Smash Into Pieces. Wouldn’t mind something similar at all.

In one line: Promise me, you’ll wait for me.
Why it will qualify: It slaps so hard!
Why it won’t qualify:
That’s honestly hard to imagine.
Qualifier? YES

Who will qualify from semi 2?

So, who looks like the will make the final at this point in time? Here are my ten:

Denmark – Estonia – Belgium – Australia – Lithuania – Austria – Slovenia – Greece – Cyprus – Georgia

Tempted to take out Cyprus however, and replace them with Armenia.







Tomorrow: France, Germany & Italy


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