Belgium will go for a Ballad in Baku

Gotta love some alliteration! Public broadcaster VRT just released a press statement regarding the upcoming selection and they’re not beating around the bush: Iris will definitely sing a ballad in may.

Next Saturday 17/03 our Eurovision hope for 2012 Iris will be presenting two songs to the public which can then decide which one they’d like to see again in Baku in may. A slightly different procedure than 2 years ago when Tom Dice simply presented his song to the public. This time we’ll be able to have our say which could mean two things: VRT is already adapting to the upcoming EBU rule (which states that every selection for Eurovision must in some way involve a public vote) OR the record company is confident enough any of the two will provide a result that’s comparable (or better than) our superb 6th place in Oslo.

As many of us already suspected Iris will sing a ballad in Baku and VRT provided us with a short description of both songs.

The first song, Safety Net, is about a young girl looking for security in a world that is changing so rapidly. She needs some support and finds it with somebody she knows. She can rely on her safety net…

In the other song, Would You, Iris doubts the integrity of her lover. She feels her relationship is at a crossroad and wonders what her partner would do if she were to leave him. Would he miss her? Or not?

We’ll get to hear the full version of the songs in a 15 minute special on Saturday evening, after which the public can vote. Final results will be announced in a talkshow two hours later.
We can already listen to “ultra short” snippets of the songs and they do mean ultra short: 1 second is slightly ridiculous really.

For those who want to have a go:

To be continued on Saturday!


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