Eurovision 2013 – Semi 1 – Some afterthoughts

All of a sudden semi 1 of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was upon us yesterday – how exciting! Having followed a couple of bloggers who are friendly enough to share their impressions from the press centre up there in Malmö I was really curious to find out how things would turn out to be live. Here’s what I thought.

Next to the great blogs that ESCNation, ESC-Chat, OnEurope & ESCGalaxy provide I’ve also been reading what my colleagues over at had to say during rehearsals and yesterday I got to cover the broadcast live on Twitter, so I’ll be using my tweets as a guide. I won’t be commenting on the show itself just yet (I’ll keep that for my full review after the final) and I’ll add a couple of side thoughts, I can’t be too rude in the name of the website now – but on here, all bets are off #mwuhaha. Då kör vi!

Tweet: “She sounded a little beige, no?”
Addendum: By which I meant “girlfriend needs to mature a bit more before throwing herself into this Contest”. This was dead before the second chorus kicked in. Pity, I like the song.
Personal: 8
Prediction: No

Tweet: “Such an elegant shower curtain!”
Addendum: Though one of my best friends called it a lamp shade. Well sold, this. I’ve always believed in this cute little song and was happy to be on the mark.
Personal: 4
Prediction: Yes

Tweet: “Shoot me, but I loved that A LOT”
Addendum: One of my faves beforehand. I always have one that fails, usually the one I kinda like most. Sorry for having done that to you, Hannah. Loved your strutting byt he way.
Personal: 1
Prediction: Yes (wishful thinking, I know – let me dream from time to time)

Tweet: –
Addendum: I didn’t tweet here. Subconscious at work, I suspect, as I loathe this. Old fashioned doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Personal: 16
Prediction: No

Tweet: “That was a lot of firework!”
Addendum: Up to the point of overselling this entry, with the confetti and golden rain and Emilie’s styling. Too overworked to really sweep this fan of his feet.
Personal: 5
Prediction: Yes

Tweet: “Do you see this plastic Mariah Carey win?”
Addendum: No addendum needed I presume. Though I have to say it didn’t annoy me as much as I thought it would, she played it well. Still don’t like it though.
Personal: 13
Prediction: Yes

Tweet: “Shampoo advert”
Addendum: The atmosphere they try to create (the giant, the rock, the backdrop) is almost ruined by that relentless belting. Is that to hide your poor English, dear Zlata? Take it down a notch, please.
Personal: 9
Prediction: Yes

Tweet: “That last minute is goosebump material”
Addendum: The rest as well of course, but the combination of waving flags (audience) and closed eyes (Anouk herself) created a bit of delay of getting into the vibe – until those backings kicked in. Delicious.
Personal: 2
Prediction: Yes

Tweet: “Why isn’t she performing this alone?”
Addendum: Sell it, girlfriend! Love the 7of9 approach! That chorus simply blew me away. Enough to ignore the wannabe astronauts.
Personal: 7
Prediction: No

Tweet: “That boy doesn’t belong on a stage”
Addendum: What the freaking hell is this doing in the final? The music is great, but that’s about it! He simply can’t sing and looks ridiculous. Minus douze points.
Personal: 15
Prediction: No

Tweet: “Helena Paparizou”
Addendum: Generic latino pop (from Belarus?!?!), presented in such an Over The Top fashion it becomes fabulous again. Well, almost anyway *inverted hand clap* Doesn’t make any sense though.
Personal: 6 (I know, what the hell?!)
Prediction: Yes

Tweet: “Amen to that – amazing!”
Addendum: That switch to Romanian was golden and this fully developed in the arena. Very effective presentation and extremely well performed – musical material. Ow, and best hair ever.
Personal: 3
Prediction: Obviously

Tweet: “Alert, I see leather pants”
Addendum: No really, are they making a comeback? Ryan sounded a bit squeaky and his chorus is like Tiësto meets Tetris but this provided just enough fun to not make me really dislike it.
Personal: 10
Prediction: Yes

Tweet: “Daring a capella start but the rest is a snoozefest!”
Addendum: Hats off to Dalidespina – but hats on by the time the keychange kicks in. It was always going to fail, wasn’t it. Ow, and cute dress but that print around THAT area just screamed pubic hair.
Personal: 14
Prediction: No

Tweet: “Sounded great but he looked like a rabbit in the headlights, no?”
Addendum: By which I meant “he looks kinda freaky”. By which I meant “he reminds me of Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men” (see picture below). Loved the dancers but felt they were a bit out of place. And I hate his accent. He did sound great. Boy, I’m not really much of a patriot this year…
Personal: 12
Prediction: No (but happy to be wrong obviously)

Tweet: “Why do they look like Polly Pocket?”
Addendum: Whomever came up with these outfits should be locked up in Disneyland listening to It’s A Small World over and over (ow, some Roberto there – a bit of a patriot after all!). A prime example of how to frack up a rather entertaining entry.
Personal: 11
Prediction: Yes (but only becasue they performed last. Bad tactics!)

Extremely happy both Netherlands and Belgium made the final, for different reasons obviously. Extremely surprised no Balkan country survived the slaughter. Extremely sad my favorite’s already out. Extremely worried about Russia (he admitted, grinding his teeth). Extremely underwhelmed by the Big Favorite. In other words: great show, roll on semi 2!!



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