Eurovision 2014 (P)Review – First impressions of Ukraine, Albania & Belarus


Happy New Year to all, glitter and sparkle and such! Are you ready already for another run of on-season madness extravaganza? Until this evening I wasn’t exactly in the right mood yet, but in a moment of ‘should I already or shouldn’t I yet’ I decided I should and so I did… watch the first selected entries for #ESC2014 .
What did you expect?

So here go the first impressions of the season!

Decent enough, just give the production a slight make over and the choreography a make under…

I’m fully ignoring the electric guitar solo which I hope they’ll cut out in the final 3 minute version and I *drumroll* might have already found my favorite of the season. It’s as if Anne-Marie David & Kasia Kowalska had a lovechild and the same goes for the melody – it’s absolutely dreamy and I LOVE it!

I don’t know yet whether I find this enjoyable & daft or simply moronic & worth of being shot. Kinda like Latvia 2012 in other words.

Not a bad start to the season I have to say!
*puts Albania on repeat*


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