Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 10: Ireland, North Macedonia & Estonia


PART 10Part 10 of this year’s #eurovision previews, smack bang in the middle of Semi 2 and we’ve only got one entry with 4 stars until now for this semi. Until today…from the most unexpected of corners no less. #spoileralert #esc22 #esc2022

10. Ireland – Brooke – That’s Rich

The Song: What is this? An Irish song that doesn’t smell like yesteryear? Colour me amazed! This kind of electropop is right up my alley, and it’s one of the very few this year fishing in the usually so crowded fembop pond (credit to fellow ESC blogger LoveLovePeacePeace for cornering the term Fembop). It’s got a pumping beat and slightly greasy vibe, me likey. Me likey the lyrics as well, with that ever so slight disdain dripping from the seams. Just one tiny question: Why would you burn flowers? And do you really think he’ll cry for hours?  

Standout line: “You think I dressed up for you? That‘s rich!”  Girl power!

The Voice: That NF performance was…adequate enough, keeping in mind that RTE always manages to royally screw up their sound. A bit more oomph in those high pitched ‘flowers’ and during the what we shall carefully call the ‘rapping’ part and we should be good.

The Style: Who was responsible for that NF showing and what were they smoking? Is that ‘dressed up for you’??? I need a serious talk with them (and could also use a puff of whatever they were having). That silly sleepover vibe didn’t suit the song at all, and one should hope they’ll embrace the aforementioned greasy vibe. I’m thinking latex. 

In one line: Rich in flavor, but where’s the texture?
Why it will qualify: They get the performance right.
Why it won’t qualify:
They think that NF performance was ace and decide to keep it.
Qualifier? No frikkin’ idea. For now a sprinkled-with-wishful-thinking YES.

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11. North Macedonia – Andrea – Circles

The Song: Something’s off here, and it’s hard to figure out what exactly. It’s probably down to production. The lyrics are almost as promising as they are heartfelt, and just need a bit of finetuning to flow more and get more out of the hooks in the song. But it’s mostly that tired beat needs a make-over. Meh.

Standout line: “I just want a healthy conversation”  Then please maintain a 6ft distance and wear your mask at all times.

The Voice: To be confirmed. Curious to hear if she’ll be able to emote this the way it should.

The Style: Andrea’s Attitude is probably the big selling point here, she really catches the camera in the video. Will she be able to translate that on stage? Also: we need another braid-hype. Zlavko’s Megabraid dates from 5 years ago, just saying.

In one line: Vicious circle.
Why it will qualify: People relate to the story.
Why it won’t qualify:
People need a bit of sunshine in their lives, not a dark cloud.
Qualifier? Yes. No. I don’t know. Get back to me at the end of tis fickle semi.

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12. Estonia – Stefan – Hope

The Song: The ‘Heroes’ vibe is strong with this one in both build-up and production, even if this opts more clearly for the country pop vibe. The low verses are clever and the chorus is uneventful but effective. I’ve got no clue what the lyrics are supposed to be about – it smells like an existential crisis, and in that case we shouldn’t forget that hope is said to have been a blessing/curse that was released from Pandora’s box. Just saying.

Standout line: “Don’t tell the gods I left a mess, I can’t undo what has been done, let’s run for cover”  Sorry, butterfingers.

The Voice: Probably the best thing about this entry. Stefan sings really well, and knows how to work the stage. But not too much. Are we sure this isn’t Måns? Oh right, I said ‘not too much’.

The Style: I mean…it’s not my style but at least it has a discernable and fitting one. Wonder if they’ll be allowed to keep the fake shooting slomo cowboys.

In one line: The good, the not so bad and the far from ugly.  
Why it will qualify: It’s middle of the road enough to tick boxes all over Europe.
Why it won’t qualify:
That’s quite hard to imagine, actually.
Qualifier? YES, and a solid candidate for the top 10, if not top 5.

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Tomorrow: Romania, Poland & Montenegro


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2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 10: Ireland, North Macedonia & Estonia

  1. In genuinely shocked (in a positive way!) you were so positive about Ireland, I came into this review pretty much already expecting you to slam it! Delighted to be proven wrong 🙂

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