Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 9: San Marino, Australia & Cyprus


PART 9Part 9 of this year’s previews and quite frankly it’s about time semi 2 starts delivering. Will the Mediterranean offer some relief, or do we really need to travel all the way Down Under to turn the beat around? #eurovision #esc2022 

7. San Marino – Achille Lauro – Stripper

The Song: The song fits Achille’s attitude perfectly – rowdy, chaotic and in your face. Loving the pop culture references that are scattered throughout the lyrics, and loving the general f*ck-this-sh*t factor of it all.

Standout line: “I don’t know”  Me neither, Achille, me neither.

The Voice: This is where this entry stumbles and falls for me, I cannot get over those lazy, underperformed vocals. If Achille only tried to get on instead of below the notes, and poured some core power into that chorus. The rebelliousness of his vocals is not enhancing the overall rebellious feel, it rather overshadows it.

The Style: The make-up is on point, the velvet suit is awesome, the attitude is there. Work it.

In one line: Nomi Malone could never.
Why it will qualify: People can get over those vocals and that peculiar attitude.
Why it won’t qualify:
They… can’t…
Qualifier? Difficult, very difficult. It’s almost a home match, but it might be too fickle of a pickle. Careful NO for now.

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8. Australia – Sheldon Riley – Not The same

The Song: Listen, I know it’s a tad (just a tad) on the bombastic side but this just hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve had a bit of a nervous breakdown a couple of months ago, related to trauma that is in the same vein as these lyrics, and I literally don’t feel the same. Especially when this is on. I suppose many will be able to relate or merely sympathize, yet I fear at the same time it might be too niche to resonate widely. Especially in when it’s delivered like this. But I’ve learned that my fears are quite untrustworthy, so what do I know?

Standout line: “Cause you‘re told to play but you‘re not the same”  Ton of bricks, I tell ya.

The Voice: Suits the song to a T. That NF performance was pretty impressive, Sheldon just needs to try and keep it up right until the very end however.

The Style: Full of drama, as per the song’s requirements. It’s very restrained though, which works. I quite like the jewel theme, and hope they’ll manage to keep the same vibe come Turin. I would just keep the removal of the mask to the very last few seconds for extra effect.

In one line: You put the U in Unique.
Why it will qualify: It translates.
Why it won’t qualify:
Drama drama, we no want no drama. (That’s a Telex reference by the way #proud)
Qualifier? The response to this was lukewarm at best, so I suppose it’s a NO? But I would love to be wrong here.

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9. Cyprus – Andromache – Ela

The Song: The epitome of an ESC entry from Cyprus. From the clever mixing of English and Greek over the traditional Mediterranean sounds to the perfect beat drop: C to the LEVER. Even the in the meantime classic Cypriot ‘Ela’ is at the party. Come, dance!

Standout line: “Come and charge me up like electricity”  Tesla supercharger for one!

The Voice: Not wanting to overstate the power of The Voice (the show), but I’m still guessing this won’t be an issue.

The Style: If this is as soft and romantic as the video, it could just be a Mediterranean Midsummer Night’s Dream. Give me all the turquoise you’ve got!

In one line: Holiday mode: on.
Why it will qualify: We all need a dream. (I might have watched Tangled one too many times…)
Why it won’t qualify:
Does this sound still work at Eurovision?
Qualifier? YES

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Tomorrow: Ireland, North Macedonia & Estonia


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