Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 5: Austria, Iceland & Greece



Day 5 of the previews and we’re almost at the end of semi 1, can you believe it? But not before we literally travel all over the continent, from the northest north to the (almost) southest south. Will that diversity cause some adversity? Let’s find out! #eurovision #esc2022

13. Austria – Lumix & Pia Maria – Halo

The Song: YASSS, give me all of the trashy 90’s dance that you’ve got! When this starts, you’re all ‘wtf’. But by the time the chorus comes around for the second time you’re already humming along. This is exactly the kind of nostalgic trip I need. I really need to stop sounding old, I know.

Standout line: “We don‘t need a Hercules to bring a man down to his knees”  Me neither, darling, me neither.

The Voice: According to the official page, Pia has ‘bags of musical theatre experience’, so let’s give Pia the benefit of the doubt for now. You know, if the words ‘musical theatre’ haven’t made you vomit at first sight.

The Style: Kinda living for the wannabe Vogue vibe of the video, where the old skool setting and fashion are clashing with the contemporary lighting and choreo. Wouldn’t mind seeing this translated to the stage!

In one line: Thanks for NOT saying She-E-O instead of CEO.
Why it will qualify: The world needs a bit of cheese now.
Why it won’t qualify:
Nostalgia’s not for everyone.
Qualifier? YES

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14. Iceland – Systur – Með Hækkandi Sól

The Song: Two notes in and this soft country blanket already feels fuzzy and comfy. This is First Aid Kit kind of gold: simple and quiet but warm and lovely. It also transcends the sometimes fickle Icelandic language ever so beautifully. Mesmerizing.

Standout line: “The darkest winter waits for spring”  Same.

The Voice: Harmonies, huzzah! That’s what Systur are for, right?  

The Style: The country attire isn’t exactly my ‘coup de fashion’, but the soft contemporary style fits the vibe nicely. Loving the set-up and camera work from the NF, hopefully they’ll think along the same lines come ESC. Then again, not that many other options to stage this either way.  

In one line: Systurs are doing it for themselves.
Why it will qualify: Its understated class will get it very far.
Why it won’t qualify:
This lullaby does its trick too well.
Qualifier? YES

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15. Greece – Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – Die Together

The Song: That first minute is gonna make or break everything, being full on a capella. So color me impressed or anything but… I fear it’ll be option 2 either way, with those faux-romantic and teenage angst ridden lyrics. The contrast between the calmness of the first minute and the second part that is seasoned with plenty of beats ‘n bells ‘n whistles, is a tad too stark if you ask me.

Standout line: “I‘m in your back seat”  If you have to announce it like that, I can smell a restraining order.

The Voice: Good luck, miss Tenfjord. You’ve got gumption, going into that first minute alone with hardly any rhythmic back-up.

The Style: I’m secretly hoping for a Duska kind of crash of one too many ideas. Or a balcony and a faux “let’s drink this poison together” moment. Or both. Yeah, definitely both.

In one line: Lost in Verona.
Why it will qualify: It’s a traditional ballad, one of those always does surprisingly well and it could be this one.
Why it won’t qualify:
The sadness of it all.
Qualifier? Can’t really see it happen tbh. But it’s Greece. I don’t know, okay?

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Tomorrow: Norway & Armenia


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