Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 4: Portugal, Croatia & Denmark



Day 4 and we’ve already covered every possible score out of 5. Will Pondering Portugal, Cutesy Croatia and Devilish Denmark take the average up or down? Only one way to find out! James, bring in the next three entries for scrutiny! #eurovision #esc2022 #eurovisionreview

10. Portugal – Maro – Saudade, Saudade

The Song: This. This is just on another level. That chorus is so quintessential Portuguese, and the vibe so inevitably divinely melancholic. Saudade is the word the Portuguese use to describe the feeling of missing someone. My man lives in America, and I definitely feel the Saudade… It’s not the catchiest entry in the field, but as far as touching the soul goes, there are only a handful of songs that manage to come close to this one.

Standout line: “Nothing more that I can say says it in a better way”  You say it best when you say nothing at all, I’ve heard.

The Voice: Not the most accessible of sounds, but I’m loving the contrast between the husky lead vocals versus the angelic choir.

The Style: The casual yet fashionable approach works wonders. Love that each vocalist can keep their own vibe. Together with the clapping and the half circle formation, it actually feels like a couple of friends celebrating life in the most modest yet beautiful way.

In one line: Like the deserts miss the rain.
Why it will qualify: It makes everyone sit down, listen and clap along.
Why it won’t qualify:
It’s too low-key.
Qualifier? YES

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9. Croatia – Mia Dimšić – Guilty Pleasure

The Song: Guilty Pleasure, is that what Gen Z is calling an affair these days? (Note to self: stop sounding old.) Ethical objections aside, this is all kinds of lovely. In the studio version. The chorus is dreamy and the melody nestles effortlessly in the folds of the unsuspecting ear. Cute.

Standout line: “Guess the joke‘s no longer funny”  Thinly veiled shade at Latvia?

The Voice: As lovely as the chorus. Please note my official request for live backing vocals. Much appreciated.

The Style: Ditch the dancer, or fill the setting more. That NF performance needs to be amped up a notch or 3.

In one line: I don’t do guilt, I only do pleasure.
Why it will qualify: It’s cute as a button.
Why it won’t qualify:
It’s in a 1 on 1 fight with Armenia and that one has more going for it.
Qualifier? So sorry ‘bout it, Hrvatska, but it’s gonna be a NO for now.

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12. Denmark – REDDI – The Show

The Song: Deceiving Denmark pulls the oldest trick in the book, starting as a ballad but then shedding the soft skin to reveal the spikey leather beneath. While I don’t mind a rebellious vibe, I wouldn’t mind a bit more surprise in there. Now it basically sounds like a local woke version of Blink 182. The endless chorus doesn’t help.

Standout line: “All the things you said, when I was just a kid”  All the things she said, running through my head!

The Voice: The slow start isn’t too excruciating but once the guitars kick in all bets are off…and earplugs go in. A bit more practice might work wonders.

The Style: Does what it says on the packaging. The least of their worries, from where I’m sitting.

In one line: Reddi? Steddi? STOP!
Why it will qualify: Because wannabe-rock actually works this year?
Why it won’t qualify:
Because it isn’t rock.
Qualifier? NO

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Tomorrow: Austria, Iceland & Greece.


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