Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 3: Bulgaria, Netherlands & Moldova



Day three of the 2022 previews brings the mixest of mixed bags, with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Oops, I guess a #spoileralert was due. Anyway, strap in and hang on for the rollercoaster that is today’s Dimivision deep dive!

7. Bulgaria – Intelligent Music Project – Intention

The Song: Initial reaction: wanting to DM Christer Björkman to ask why he didn’t keep this locked up in the vault of MF rejects from 2005 from whence it clearly came. Only to discover that no Swedes were involved in the creation of this…thing. Right on time. Imagine DM’ing Christer Björkman. Shiver. No, all/old jokes aside, this is a bewildering choice. Picking an entry in the same vein as the reigning winner isn’t unexpected at all. But why would you try to follow up something that crackled, snapped and popped at every seam, with something that is so middle of the road its next life stage is probably ‘roadkill’?

Standout line: “The illusion of safety‘s surreal”  Well, at least the lyrics are Intelligent.

The Voice:  As standard and yesteryear sounding as the song it serves.

The Style: They look like your local dad rock band that regularly goes on a tour of the pubs in the area. Hiring a stylist and/or performance director doesn’t seem like the worst investment at this point.

In one line: Hello, department of Ironic Band Names? We‘d like to file a complaint.
Why it will qualify: Europe sees an Intention we don’t.
Why it won’t qualify:
Maybe you need to re-read this review.
Qualifier? NO

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8. Netherlands – S10 – De Diepte

The Song: With such an amazing amount of entries in (one of) their native language(s), I’m still almost surprised to hear my mother tongue again in the Eurovision bubble. It’s been so long! (We don’t count Shalalie in this household.) It’s a pity most of Europe won’t get to enjoy the lyrics as they are really touching and wonderful, and I love their gracious dance with the composition. The clever and catchy chorus lightens the mood and brings a nice balance to this unexpectedly beautiful entry. Fun fact: the catchy chorus has been used as a musical backdrop in a handful of Belgian TV productions. Dunno if that makes any difference, but there you go.

Standout line: “Do you know the feeling your dream is never coming true”  Yes, and so does my therapist.

The Voice: Haven’t heard S10 perform it live yet, but apart from the high notes in the chorus it isn’t too much of a challenge technically – it’s the emoting that’ll have to do the work.

The Style: Question mark, question mark. I suppose the recent classy and focused approach the Dutchies have been taking (minus a certain lowlands cowboy…) will be present once again.

In one line: So deep.
Why it will qualify: It’s so much more than the sum of its parts.
Why it won’t qualify:
Dutch appears more difficult to digest than we suspect.
Qualifier? YES

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9. Moldova – Zdob şi Zdub & Fraţii Advahov – Trenulețul

The Song: Oh man. Not one to shy away from folk, but this feels like it’s on for 3 minutes already when you haven’t even reached the halfway point. I count four repeats of the same short song, and…no. Just no. I quite appreciated their previous attempts, but this one…not so much. Sorry, lads.

Standout line: “The train’s route is East to West Chisinau – Bucharest!”  Simply because it’s the last line of the song. Four times over, but still.

The Voice: Always delivering on point vocals, but it’s on the shouty side here. Probably the best move, need to keep people awake now!

The Style: How are they gonna top the pointy hats from 2011? HOW?

In one line: Putting the NUL in Trenulețul.
Why it will qualify: Historical reasoning.
Why it won’t qualify:
Latvia and Ukraine steal their thunder.
Qualifier? I always underestimate the power of the Moldova, so: YES

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TOMORROW: Portugal, Croatia & Denmark


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