Eurovision 2022 Previews Part 2: Switzerland, Slovenia & Ukraine



Day two of the review marathon is upon us and there’s a theme here – provided you are one of those that looks up lyrics to see what a song actually means. Get the Kleenex at the ready. For your tears, silly, what else?

4. Switzerland – Marius Bear – Boys Do Cry

The Song: A (teddy)bear, a boy that cries, a lullaby… Careful not to put the audience to sleep, there! And with the wrong stylistic choice, they could. Cause while this is lovely in all its simplicity, it’s also so uneventful it’s almost evaporated by the time we get to the end.

Standout line: “When night falls, and the moon is all we see”  Did we suddenly switch to ‘Stand By Me’?

The Voice: Sounding a bit affected at times, these are perhaps the vocals I’m most curious to hear live. They will make or break this lullaby.

The Style: I’m just picturing them doing something in the style of Gjon’s Tears and silently cracking myself up. That’s all.

In one line: Non-binaries cry too!
Why it will qualify: Cause it’s so soft and neutral it slips through by mistake.
Why it won’t qualify:
Cause it’ll get overlooked.

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5. Slovenia – LPS – Disko

The Song: Disco was one of the top 5 genres in my 2021 Spotify Wrapped, so in theory I should love this. And while I do adore the funky undertone, something isn’t quite right here. It lacks a decent hook (or two) and that slow bridge sounds like it’s supposed be in another song. Close, but no coconuts.

Standout line: “We dance, but only in my dreams”   On Tiktok, presumably?

The Voice: Even with that seventies sound effect, the lead vocals are fragile at best.

The Style: Sober…a bit too sober if you ask me. Even the funky side of disco in the 70s was still vibrant. This understated approach makes it all feel like we’re watching a band wrap up the night in the wee little hours of the morning at a wedding somewhere downtown Ljubljana. Vocalist Filip could probably sell his suave by the bottle and get filthy rich.

In one line: Play that funky music right, boy.
Why it will qualify: Cause it’s (supposed to be) disco?
Why it won’t qualify:
Cause…it isn’t?

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6. Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra – Stefania

The Song: Not one, but two highly catchy soundbites for your pleasure. The Stefania draws you in, and the flute seals the deal. The combo of the folky vibe and the hip-hop beat and raps works surprisingly well. It’s a bit too light and easy as an ESC entry, but considering circumstances that might just be the way to go.

Standout line: “The scent of you wakes me up again every morning” And they say romance doesn’t exist anymore.

The Voice: Both parts playing their role successfully. The contrast works wonders here.

The Style: Looks the way it sounds. The fake flute playing is funnier than it ought to be.

In one line: Let’s hope Stefania is OK…
Why it will qualify: We all know why, but it would qualify either way. Winning on the other hand…
Why it won’t qualify:
It will.
Qualifier? Yes. Will it win though? Probably the televote winner in the final.

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Tomorrow: Bulgaria, Netherlands and Moldova. *Scar voice* BE PREPARED!


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