Eurovision 2019 Previews Part 6: Greece & San Marino

Only two today, thanks to/because of Ukraine. #stillmiffed Hold on tight for part six!

16. GREECE – Katerine Duska – Better Love

The Song: Probably the entry that sounds most like something you could actually hear on the radio, albeit one of the alternative stations and I do wonder how it’s gonna fare in a competition set-up. The vibe nor the lyrics are really very engaging to my ears but its undeniable cool factor will radiate off the stage anyway. It somehow sounds very un-Greek, which is a nice change of pace.

Standout line: “Go deep with me” *insert obvious frowned brow here*

The Voice: Not your everyday female voice and it only adds to the coolness of the song. I like the husky undertone here, and judging from her curriculum she’ll have no trouble selling the song. However alarming some pre-season rumors may be.

The Performance: That video is stylish AF, that’s for sure. No clue as to what they’re trying to convey but hey: that’s the way art goes I suppose. I am hoping for something more coherent on stage though, and something that goes more hand in hand with the song.

In one line: Be best. (How I’ve been waiting to use that one)
WILL IT QUALIFY? Yes. Will it win? I doubt it, but it should do a heck of a lot better (ha!) than the recent Greek entries.


17. SAN MARINO – Serhat – Say Na Na Na

The Song: This is so fucking ridiculous it’s almost awesome again. Almost. The only actual enjoyable elements are the cheesy disco beat and the ‘say nan a na’ bits. The rest of it belongs somewhere in the back of the drawer, never to come out again.

Standout line: “All your dreams have gone away, no matter what you do” Positive thinking, table for one!

The Voice: Serhat still sounds like he could feature in any kind of police/detective series as the eerie serial killer they hunt for over the course of several seasons. I wouldn’t go as far as calling him an actual singer though.

The Performance: Give me pink and glittery rollerdiscoliciousness all over again so I have at least that to entertain me during what promises to be a long three minutes. Thanks in advance.

In one line: *whispers* I think he means it
WILL IT QUALIFY? It kinda would be a hoot, but come on. People could be giving him the cheesy vote of course.


Careful predictions

So, who will make it out of this semi alive? At this stage it’s almost impossible to predict of course, but let’s have a go at it.

YES: Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Australia, Slovenia
MAYBE: Estonia, Belgium, Portugal, San Marino, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic
NO: Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Finland

Which means I have to eliminate three from the ‘maybe’ pile and after going back and forth (a lot) I’ve decided on Belarus, Portugal and San Marino not making it. But anything can happen, really. Which is what we want in a semi final, no? Now bring on the second one!




Cyprus – Czech Republic – Belarus – Belgium – Australia – Portugal – Greece

Finland – Serbia – Estonia – San Marino

Montenegro – Poland – Hungary – Georgia


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