Eurovision 2019 Previews Part 4: Belgium, Georgia and Australia

Set that alarm, keep going and don’t mind that stone in your shoe – it’s time for part four!

10. BELGIUM – Eliot – Wake Up

The Song: As a theme for more awareness on the impact we’re having on the planet, it completely fits the Zeitgeist. Especially in Belgium, where there’s a lot of debate around it, fed by protests on the initiative of a couple of engaged youngsters. As far as anthems go it’s sadly not that grand of a gesture. Somehow I’m lacking that oomph that takes it there. The chorus is sneaky however: even if I find the song a bit unremarkable I catch myself singing it at the most unexpected of moments. So maybe there’s hope.

Standout line: “No one will cry, no one will cry if it’s true” That’s not really true now, truth can often cause more tears than lies.

The Voice: Really curious how it’ll go live for our young ambassador. He’s young and full of potential and will undoubtedly get plenty of coaching before Tel Aviv, so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. Even after those first two acoustic radio performances we’ve heard. Backing vocals, anyone?

The Performance: With some smart choices this could come across quite effective in Tel Aviv. RTBF has already proven they can do it, so I’m counting on something that lifts the song to another level on stage.

In one line: *hits the snooze button again*
WILL IT QUALIFY?  I’m carefully saying yes, though in order for that to happen every piece of the puzzle must fall in place at the same time Blanche-style.


11. GEORGIA – Oto Nemsadze – Keep on Going

The Song: I quite like an alternative in Eurovision, as you should know by now. And Georgia sometimes delivers. How too alternative can it get though? This sounds unlike anything else we’ve ever heard, but this might be too stubborn to convince anyone outside of Georgia. It takes almost two minutes to really get going, and by then we’ve been so all over the place our heads are almost spinning. Or simply have gone into standby mode, which makes us miss the last minute. I love me some unusual approach, but even for me too far can be too far off.

Standout line: “We heal each other’s wounds with songs.” Great sentiment, poor execution.

The Voice: Fits the vibe. The addition of the low male choir is surprising but weirdly helps in making this slightly more digestible. Ever so slightly.

The Performance: I’m seeing…black outfits and lots of pyro. Might be the reinforcement slash distraction this entry needs.

In one line: Must…not…touch…mute button…
WILL IT QUAIFY?  No, it won’t.


12. AUSTRALIA – Kate Miller-Heidke – Zero Gravity

The Song: Hm, where to begin. Let’s start with the lyrics, which to me are the strongest element in this entry. I might be ever so slightly biased though, as I myself have struggled through/with depression and what Kate’s saying really hits home. I’m in the same state of mind and the feeling of consciously breaking free is…well…freeing. I also dig the Kate Bush vibe that runs through this entry. But. The structure is a bit off for me, the vibe is scattered into one too many pieces for a three minute entry and it never manages to really take me on a journey.

Standout line: “You’re so heavy I have got to let you go” Can I get an amen up in here?

The Voice: Nothing to frown upon here, Kate’s an amazing vocalist and her control is EVERYTHING.

The Performance: I see what they’re trying to do with that NF performance but it’s not quite there. An Aliona Moon style lift would probably work better and perhaps there should be more than one Dementor behind/around Kate. Or go for something completely different. It almost feels like an interval act rather than an actual entry, for some reason.

In one line: Think of the happiest things, it’s the same as having wings, you can fly, you can fly!
WILL IT QUALIFY?  It’s almost so textbook Eurovision you could die. That is indeed a double edged sword. But I can see this getting through to Saturday. Not convinced about its chances there though, but I might be blinded by the Malena’s and Elina’s of this world.




Cyprus – Czech Republic – Belarus – Belgium – Australia

Finland – Serbia

Montenegro – Poland – Hungary – Georgia


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