Eurovision 2017 preview: Sweden, Georgia & Australia

All of this year’s songs have been selected, the running order has been decided: let’s get this show on the road!  I’ll be reviewing all of this year’s participants three by three in running order. Lord, gimme strength… Let the Hunger Games…eum…fun begin!


The Song: The Swedes had a nice bunch of contenders to pick from (hello Mariette & Nano), but eventually my personal fave won. Well have I ever! I think this is a slick, cool production that I wouldn’t mind singing myself if ever I’d take part #dreams – I love the electro vibe this has, and I love some of the effects – especially the ‘ha ha’ vocal effect at some point. But those effects do tread into Doris Dragovic territory, no?

Standout lyric:Hands down to the floor my love and I’m doing whatever you want” Oh Robin, you’re such a tease!

The Voice: Robin is an adequate enough vocalist, even though he loses a bit of stamina towards the end. Thé question mark however are the backings. How are they going to solve that? Come to think of it, I ask myself the very same question every year and they always manage to pull it off. I just hope it won’t interfere with the act, cause…

The Performance: …this is where I’m completely sold. Everything is just SO SLICK. What’s not to love? Robin’s rather awkward nod to the camera mid song, you say? True, but it gets a nice follow-up towards the end. Robin’s rather sterile vibe? Let’s just call that the Cillian Murphy syndrome. The rather odd ‘beautiful’ gesture? Oh well. All easily compensated by the fact that the dancers are STRUTTING BACKWARDS. Fierce.

In one line: *nods and struts backwards*
PREDICTION: I don’t know. Somehow I get the feeling that this won’t do as well as many of us hope. Could it be too slick for its own good? As the opener to semi 1 it should QUALIFY easily for the final, but I don’t see this flying as high on Saturday as some of its predecessors…



The Song: Two songs in and my ‘world peace’-allergy is kicking in. Great. The drama of it all is so in your face at the end, thanks to the addition of and dialogue with the backing vocals, that I even manage to forget about the random-Miss-World-pageant vibe. But sweet Jebus, I don’t need to hear this song too often.

Standout lyric:Even if the world is rough” It sounds like she sings ’round’. Which had me go #duh – which is probably exactly what they were after. If they weren’t, they should really work on annunciation.

The Voice: Just when you think “Girlfriend’s got some tricks up her sleeve” she misses the high note in her national final performance. Pity. Otherwise very well trained vocalist. But careful for overselling it, darling.

The Performance: They’re gonna do the same rather horrendous thing they did in their NF, aren’t they? I sense it. I hope not. It is, much like Tamara’s voice and Diana Ross realness, a tad too much in-your-face.

In one line: I’m an atheist, and even more so after this.
PREDICTION: There are better ballads following it in this semi, so I don’t know. What I do know is that Georgia slips through to the final more often than I’d like. Still, I’ll call this a NON QUALIFIER for now.



The Song: Hands up if you think it’s a Sam Smith song starting each time it comes on. Everyone? Thought so. The subtle 80’s effects in the bridge don’t lift this to another level for me, sadly – even though it’s a nice enough ballad. I always find it a bit odd to hear 17 year olds singing this heartfelt about love, though.

Standout lyric:But it don’t come easy, it don’t come cheap, no not with me” Almost the only catchy thing about it, but it’s really damn catchy.

The Voice: Thàt voice out of thàt boy? I am very curious to hear this live. Could make a real difference for the live impact…

The Performance: …especially if you combine it with those big Bambi eyes. Bushy eyebrows included. So hypnotizing, girls of all ages could very well simply melt for this boy.

In one line: My inner teenage girl likes her boys a bit more rough.
PREDICTION: I can see this QUALIFYING for the final thanks to his boy charm – but will that suffice to go big on Saturday? I somehow doubt it.


– Sweden

– Georgia, Australia

Tomorrow: Albania, Belgium & Montenegro!


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