60 years of Eurovision by country – part 7: MTG, BUL, MLD, ARM, GEO, AZE, SNM, CZE & AUS


So, the EBU celebrated 60 years of Eurovision in 2015. But it all started in 1956, so it should be celebrated in 2016, no?  So let me do the honors, and offer you my short view on every country’s track record. I’ll add my top three per country to that – in the spirit of the Olympics, that other peaceful and worldly event!

We move along chronologically, so it’s time for the countries that joined the Eurovision family in 2005, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09 & 2015. That’s right, we’re at the end of the road. 51 countries, no less! (out of which 9 in this post #sorryboutit) Tomorrow we round things off with my ideal 60 years Eurovision participants list! #listfreak

43. Montenegro

Ah, Montenegro. The gift that keeps ongiving – ie. The country that either gives us something flabbergasting or traditional. Give me the former any day. Even though that sometimes results in something you don’t really have any words for *looks at Euro Neuro*

  1. 2013 – Blabla – Who see ft Nina Zizic
    Because KICK-ASS!
  2. 2016 – The real thing – Highway
    Because kick-ass!
  3. 2015 – Adio – Knez
    Because that’s their only other decent one.

44. Bulgaria

When a Bulgarian entry is announced I know I’ll either tolerate it, be indifferent to it or ignore it because it’s so bad. They started off so swell though!

  1. 2007 – Voda – Elitsa & Stojan
    Because it’s slightly bewildering.
  2. 2011 – Na Inat -Poli Genova
    Because I kinda like the song, despite the performance.
  3. 2012 – Love Unlimited – Sofi Marinova
    Because I kinda like the song, despite the “I love you so matsj!”

45. Moldova

A case of black or white. When I like their entry, I love it. When I don’t love their entry, it’s like it doesn’t even exist.

  1. 2007 – Fight – Natalia Barbu
    Because it’s FIERCE!
  2. 2013 – O mie – Aliona Moon
    Because it’s so dreamy.
  3. 2012 – Lautar – Pasha
    Because it’s so quirky.

46. Armenia

What I remember most about Armenia’s track record? Silly props and staging (2010 & 2011 calling!). Intriguing entries? Only a handful.

  1. 2016 – Lovewave – Iveta Mukucyan
    Because it’s out of the box on all levels.
  2. 2014 – You’re not alone – Aram MP3
    Because that second part is great. Great enough to compensate the first one.
  3. 2007 – Anytime you need – Hayko
    Because it’s quite fragile.

47. Georgia

Three. That’s how many Georgian entries I like. I do appreciate them thinking out of the box on occasion. Pity they all too often lose their grip on the box.

  1. 2007 – My story – Sopho
    Because it’s still awesome.
  2. 2016 – Midnight Gold – Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz
    Because it’s just so cool!
  3. 2015 – Warrior – Nina Subblati
    Because I love Nina’s attitude.

48. Azerbaijan

Ah, Azerbaijan. Have they ever sent something non-Swedish? I mean, it’s nice to actually want to win the entire thing – too many countries enter without wanting to host ESC the following year. But the Azeri manage to come across as if they’re buying their glory. Which is highly uncool, obviously.

As is their only winner. It’s so sterile it could’ve been produced in hospital operating quarters.

  1. 2012 – When the music dies – Sabina Babajeva
    Because it’s a nice variation to Unbreak My Heart.
  2. 2010 – Dripdrop – Safura
    Because it’s so OTT.
  3. 2013 – Hold me – Farid Mammadov
    Because it’s the only other entry I can stand.

49. San Marino

Although often entertaining, I mostly put emphasis on the last part of their country name when I think of their entries. So, just the one here – you know, for a complete picture.

  1. 2008 – Complice – Miodio
    Because it’s their only decent one. Pity it got strangled live.

50. Czech Republic

Really does nothing for me. At. All. Not even when they’re throwing around shoes. So, just the one here – you know, for a complete picture.

  1. 2016 – I stand – Gabriella Whatsherface
    Because it’s their only entry I can … wait for it… stand.

51. Australia

I’m still pondering over the fact if I like that they’re in. But they are. So hey. Just the one here – you know, for a complete picture…

  1. 2016 – Sound of silence – Dami Im
    Because miss Im just SLAYS it.

And that’s IT – happy 60th, Lady Eurovision. Long may you reign!


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