60 years of Eurovision by country – part 6: MAC, LTV, UKR, ALB, AND, BLR & SRB


So, the EBU celebrated 60 years of Eurovision in 2015. But it all started in 1956, so it should be celebrated in 2016, no?  So let me do the honors, and offer you my short view on every country’s track record. I’ll add my top three per country to that – in the spirit of the Olympics, that other peaceful and worldly event!

We move along chronologically, so it’s time for the countries that joined the Eurovision family in 1998, 2000, ’03 and ’04. Welcome to post Y2K!

36. Macedonia

I’m afraid I only like a couple of Macedonian entries, the rest falls into the #meh or #whatever pile. Anxiously awaiting something amazing. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

  1. 1998 – Ne zori, zoro – Vlado Janevski
    Because it’s so dark in the chorus, especially the opening is awesome. Bond goes Balkan!
  2. 2002 – Od nas zavisi – Karolina
    Because it’s a different melody – even though the original sounded 10x better.
  3. 2006 – Ninanajna – Elena Risteska
    Because I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

37. Latvia

Latvia has, despite their great debut, all too often given us songs I’d rather never hear again. They’ve come through the past couple of years though – let’s hope they manage to keep that up.

Their only winner is so weak I don’t even wanna (ha!) waste time on it. Aiaiaiaiaiaiai.

  1. 2015 – Love Injected – Aminata
    Because it’s well put together and rather groundbreaking in sound #yayforelectro
  2. 2016 – Heartbeat – Justs
    Because it’s got it all: great beat, great vocals and something great to look at
  3. 2000 – My star – Brainstorm
    Because the studio version is great.

38. Ukraine

One of the better additions to the contest, even though their debut was quite horrible. They manage to surprise every once in a while and never really go into cliché territory (bar 2008 & 2014, perhaps).

Their first win was all kinds of awesome. Their second…well…yeah…see my 2016 review…

  1. 2010 – Sweet people – Alyosha
    Because of the intriguing apocalypticness of it all.
  2. 2004 – Wild dances – Ruslana
    Because IN YOUR FACE!
  3. 2009 – Be my valentine – Svetlana Loboda
    Because it’s so deliciously OTT

39. Albania

Hit or miss country. The thing where they miss most is when they completely overhaul their chosen entry and almost always manage to come up with a worse version than the original one. But when they nail it, they NAIL it. At least they manage to bring something new to the table every now and again.

  1. 2012 – Suus – Rona Nishliu
    Because finally something Björkish made it to the ESC stage and it ROCKED.
  2. 2011 – Feel the passion – Aurela Grace
    Because of the power of it all.
  3. 2010 – It’s all about you – Juliana Pasha
    Because it’s vocally convincing.

40. Andorra

The tiny country gave us such helpless entries, you can’t help but secretly adore them all.

  1. 2005 – La mirada interior – Marian Vandewal
    Because Anabel Condé. And because the delicious chaos of it all.
  2. 2006 – Sense tu – Jenny
    Because the song is actually doable, even though Jenny isn’t.
  3. 2004 – Jugarem estimar nos – Martha Roure
    Because it’s just so sweet!

41. Belarus

Probably my least favorite country in ESC, together with Malta & Romania. I hardly ever ‘feel’ what they’re trying to do. Even when they serve Cheesecake.

  1. 2007 – Work your magic – Dmitry Koldun
    Because it’s their only decent entry, actually.
  2. 2004 – My galileo – Alexandra & Konstantin
    Because this just cracks me up.
  3. 2013 – Solayoh – Alyona Lanskaya
    because #backwardhandclap

42. Serbia

I kinda like Serbia. Sometimes they manage to think outside the box, giving us some swell entries. Or really random and strange (hello, 2013!). Disclaimer: I was too lazy to dedicate a separate part to a two entry country (SRB-MTG), so you get Zjelko below. Take it or leave it (you better believe it).

Do I like their winner? Well, I do – but not enough to include it in my top 3. I like the heavier stuff, but somehow it’s a tad hard to digest.

  1. 2008 – Oro – Jelena Tomasevic
    Because this is one of those timeless ballads. Well…for the post Y2K period, anyway.
  2. 2004 – Lane Moje – Zjelko Joksimovic
    Because despite me staying rather cold, it is a good song and performance.
  3. 2011 – Caroban – Nina
    Because RETRO, yay!



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