Eurovision 2015 (P)review – part 6 – Serbia & The Netherlands

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2015 edition of our beloved Contest! I’ll be tackling the semis & the final in alphabetical order – on the menu today: Serbia & The Netherlands, the last songs from semi 1!



The Song: So, some actually saw San Marino 2013 and said: let’s Balkan that up!? What is this? A contest to see how many songs you can weave into 1 song within the 3 minute limit? I quite love the first part, but it’s all downhill from there – especially when the beats kick in and the lights start flashing. Yes, it provides a bit of much need up-tempo – but in the wrong place at the wrong time. And kuddos for the message, but in this case the substance is largely (no pun intended) overshadowed by the style of it all.

The Voice: I’m gathering the Chiara references I’ve been spotting all over the web are nót related to Bojana‘s singing capabilities – she’s all over the place at times. Though I have to love the way she rocks it up in the fast & high bits.

The Performance: Just a pinch of Moldova 2013 & a whiff of Georgia 2007 and bàm, got yourself an act! I wish she’d bounce around like Hera did in 2010 though.

In one line: Computer says no.
PREDICTION: They’re suffering from a lack of usual friends, and the song’s not all that. I’d say it’s 2013 for them all over again.



The Song: Wait, what? Wasn’t the point of selecting artists internally to give them the chance to do their own thing? Then why (aiaiaiai) did Trijntje not stick to her strong suit, those big pop anthems or jazzy grooves she’s so well known for? Why (aiaiaiai) go for something that Anouk probably had lying around in some bottom drawer for quite some time? In fact, it sounds like something that could have been a B-side to one of Anouk’s early sinlges. The endless epetition of the why (aiaiaiai) makes this seem way longer than 3 minutes, and those synths over the guitar in the chorus frankly come across a bit desperate. It does, however, come across surprisingly engaging. So, you never know.

The Voice: What I do know is that Trijntje’s vocal capabilities (girlfriend can sing!) are not really put to showcasing use in this song. Which is a shame.

The Performance: Please, keep the backings from this preview video and put them right behind her – it’ll give the entry a bit of the edge it otherwise won’t ever have.

In one line: Why (aiaiaiai)?
PREDICTION: Despite the letdown, this should  qualify thanks to Trijntje’s experience. Not really a contender come the final, I fear.

Current Standings:

  1. Estonia – 84
  2. Belgium – 81
  3. Denmark – 71
  4. Romania – 69
  5. Netherlands – 67
  6. Georgia – 65
  7. Armenia – 64
  8. Moldova – 63
  9. Albania – 62
  10. Finland – 60
  11. Serbia – 55
  12. Greece – 53
  13. Belarus – 52
  14. FYR Macedonia – 51
  15. Russia – 38
  16. Hungary – 32

When it comes to predicting, I’d say 8 out of my top 10 will reach the final. I suspect Moldova & Albania would have to step down, to the advantage of Russia & Greece.

Tomorrow: Azerbaijan, Cyprus & Czech Republic from semi 2


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