Eurovision 2015 (P)review – part 5 – Romania & Russia

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2015 edition of our beloved Contest! I’ll be tackling the semis & the final in alphabetical order – on the menu today: Romania & Russia from semi 1!



The Song: Again a difficult one. Those verses are rather underwhelming, I tend to tune out a bit – but the chorus is rather nice and engaging, with the piano leading things swiftly. Not too keen on the chanting backings, they’ve been listening to Coldplay‘s Viva La Vida a bit too much. On the fence about this one.

The Voice: He’s quite a capable singer and stands his ground well in that rather demanding chorus, but that extra sparkle to mesmerize me completely is lacking a little bit.

The Performance: Rockband performance suits this song nicely. The suitcases can stay, the bit of drama at the start was rather unnecessary. Let the suitcases speak for themselves.

In one line: Another suitcase in another hall.
PREDICTION: Mid table in the final (there’ll be no room left mid table soon!)



The Song: Urgh. Everything I said about Hungary and peace anthems, basically. This one’s pulling the card of the Big Ballad however, and boy will we have known it. Not my cup of tea anyway, but yet another peace ballad coming from Russia is way too ironic for me to take seriously. I usually shudder at politics & Eurovision mixing, but with this kind of blatant PR (and I work in that business, so I know my stuff) they’re asking for it. To me, this kind of well produced propaganda is just vomit inducing.

The Voice: That being said, she does seem an accomplished singer. If she can pull it off live, she might make up for the annoying stuff.

The Performance: If the video is anything to go by it’ll really be Hungary bis. #hjälp As long as she’s not coming across as robotic as her peace-predecessor in 2013, she’ll be fine.

In one line: Be afraid, be very afraid. I know I am.
PREDICTION: Qualifying with ease. Probably top ten in the final.  He said grinding his teeth.

Current Standings:

  1. Estonia – 84
  2. Belgium – 81
  3. Denmark – 71
  4. Romania – 69
  5. Georgia – 65
  6. Armenia – 64
  7. Moldova – 63
  8. Albania – 62
  9. Finland – 60
  10. Greece – 53
  11. Belarus – 52
  12. FYR Macedonia – 51
  13. Russia – 38
  14. Hungary – 32

Tomorrow: Serbia & The Netherlands


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