Eurovision 2015 (P)review – part 3 – FYR Macedonia, Finland & Georgia

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2015 edition of our beloved Contest! I’ll be tackling the semis & the final in alphabetical order – on the menu today: FYR Macedonia, Finland & Georgia from semi 1!



The Song: Oh my. I don’t even know what to say here, just how bland is this? It’s like it’s trying to revisit the sound of Coldplay in their Clocks days, and it ends up being a very washed down version of it. Color me beige.

The Voice: In order to sell this song to the masses you’d need a VERY good singer who knows how to convey emotions and gives the song a kick up the butt. Dear Daniel sadly doesn’t know how to do either, not even in that last half a minute when he tries really, really hard (or does he?).

The Performance: I suppose that sad excuse for a performance in the national final will get amped up come Vienna? Along the lines of that beautiful videoclip #prettyplease ? If not, we really have nóthing to look forward to.

In one line: Wake me up before you go go.
PREDICTION: On the plane back home on Wednesday.



The Song: The shortest one we’ll have ever heard in Eurovision, and some will be glad it didn’t end up being double the length – which it could have, what with it being only barely 1.30 minutes long…eum…short. It contains very little variation, which almost gives it a repetitive feel – perhaps a deliberate choice to keep it short, then. Other than that, it is what it is: punk. These guys live and breathe punk, and this entry does too. Which kinda makes me like it. Kinda.

The Voice: I was gonna go for an Uruk-Hai reference, but the combo with those omnipresent drums and that whiff of lyrics that sound like ‘animal’ to my ears, I have to go for the Animal comparison. From The Muppets, yes. Which is by no means an insult, it’s just what it is to my ears. And what fits this punk song perfectly.

The Performance: Not that they will, but they shouldn’t change a thing. They don’t need any kind of embellishment, and neither does the song.

In one line: I wonder if all those fans who stood behind Conchita last year are still fighting for diversity (in the Contest).
PREDICTION: Wouldn’t have a clue. Sympathy votes aside, I don’t think the entire thing is strong enough to make a big impact.



The Song: Difficult one, this. On the one hand it feels like a nifty little pop song, but it doesn’t seem to know how to go all the way – it lacks a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ (nót a reference to Iceland 2010) and becomes too repetitive towards the end. And whereas the drums work at the start of the song to set the mood, they get rather tiresome mid song already. I’m lacking a nice pay-off, some amazing cherry on the cake.

The Voice: Same issue, but that might be because of the composition which doesn’t allow Nina to go all the way. If she manages to nail those high, floating notes she might just amp up the entire entry.

The Performance: The video is nice enough, but Georgia has a history of going over the top rather quickly (hello, 2010?) – though this entry might be in need of some hardcore stage selling tactics.

In one line: Not exactly Xena, as things stand right now.
PREDICTION: Borderline qualifier, right hand table candidate if it does indeed reach the final.

Current Standings:

  1. Estonia – 84
  2. Belgium – 81
  3. Denmark – 71
  4. Georgia – 65
  5. Armenia – 64
  6. Albania – 62
  7. Finland – 60
  8. Belarus – 52
  9. FYR Macedonia – 51

Tomorrow: Greece, Hungary & Moldova


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