Eurovision 2015 (P)review – part 2 – Belgium, Denmark & Estonia

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2015 edition of our beloved Contest! I’ll be tackling the semis & the final in alphabetical order – on the menu today: Belgium, Denmark & Estonia from semi 1!



The Song: Well, well, well! Something that sounds like it could’ve been whisked away from the international charts, color me amazed! It’s got a Lorde feel to it, with a whiff of Timberlake – incidentally two names that reigned the music world in 2014. I love the contemporary feel of our own entry, the midtempo electro set-up is a rather fresh sound for Eurovision and brings, certainly in this ballad driven year, something different to the table. Totally loving the chorus by the way, especially the ‘wicked ways’ line. Well done, RTBF, well done.

The Voice: It takes some getting used to, yes – Loic sounds like he hasn’t reached the final stages of manhood just yet, but his high pithced range gives this already peculiar entry an even more unique shimmer. I just hope he works on his accent, certainly when it comes to the word ‘rythm’ – would be a shame if that distracted from all that does work in this entry.

The Performance: Apparently our Loic know how to move and sing, and even both at the same time. Whether or not that will come in handy for his stage performance? I’d try not to oversell this and keep it simple. The video works and has a slick feel to it, I’m crossing fingers the live performance will move in the same direction. I won’t be totally against it if Loic gets covered in water either *evil grin*

In one line: The wicked ways from the West seem to work!
PREDICTION: Should survive semi 1, possible top 10 contender (ànd a dark horse in my book) come the final.



The Song: Well, it sounds very…Denmark @ Eurovision, eller hur? Your typical middle of the road fodder, one of those radio friendly ditties that you almost forget while it’s playing. But. This one gives me that happy-go-lucky spring feeling, reminding me a bit of the joyful banjo driven songs that British band Travis releases now and again. It’s not genius, but it’s kinda sweet and it doesn’t bug me at all in the way their entries in for example 2008 & 2011 did.

The Voice: Not the most talented of singers here, he barely keeps the thing afloat. Luckily there are those FAB backings, which they should bring in way sooner to keep it bubbling enough to keep the average viewer interested.

The Performance: Not sure there’s much more you can do than what they already did in MGP. Again, more emphasis on the backings would be welcome – they’re just to die for *mimics the bababab movements*

In one line: Not anti Anti Social Media, but then again I’m not anti social media either…
PREDICTION: This’ll either land somewhere mid table in the final, or drown in a sea of anonymity in semi 1



The Song: The heartbreaking duet by The Common Linnets last year seems to have inspired a lot of countries, and Estonia has put a nice spin on it. The lyrical set-up is simply lovely, and the retro vibe in the production gives it a nice added layer of sadness. Loving the different instruments coming through in their own time, it all reminds me of the atmosphere that Sharleen Spiteri‘s (lead singer for Texas) first album Melody was drenched in. Lovely, simply lovely.

The Voice: One of the biggest working points for both singers are the parts where they have to reach the lower ranges of their vocals, especially for Stig as he gets to …eum… set the tone. They both make up for it when they get to the higher parts, and the harmonies sound quite lovely.

The Performance: The black & white trick actually works for me as it reinforces the retro vibe. The different set-ups they tried (singing back to back, or having Elina start at the back) both work for me, though option two gives it a bit more of an emotional layer. Curious to see how this ‘ll come across in a bigger venue with a more elaborate setting & backdrop.

In one line: Goodbye yesterday, hello tomorrow!
PREDICTION: Should easily make the final, where it can reach any place within the top 5.

Current Standings:

  1. Estonia – 84
  2. Belgium – 81
  3. Denmark – 71
  4. Armenia – 64
  5. Albania – 62
  6. Belarus – 52

Tomorrow: FYR Macedonia, Finland & Georgia


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