Eurovision 2014 (P)review – Part 13 – Ukraine & UK + wrap-up

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2014 edition of our beloved Contest. I’ve only heard a couple of songs before writing this (p)review as I wanted to simulate the sensation of the regular viewer. Curious to see how thàt will turn out? Me too…


The Song: If you look at the first version of this song…it’s like a completely different song basically and in this case that’s a good thing. It’s just not that surprising, sounds like something Greece would send come to think of it. It sounds a bit generic to my ears, even with that rather catchy chorus and the annoying whistle. Or maybe because of it.

The Voice: I’ve never known a Ukrainian entrant to mess up vocally so I guess this one won’t either. But she’ll have to pull out all the stops to make it rather memorable.

The Performance: Hopefully more along the lines of the video than those of the initial performance. But it’s Ukraine, they’ll come up with something slick yet again.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? No
Intriguing? No no
Modern? Meih
International? Perhaps

In one line: But do they even want to do well this year?
PREDICTION: Lower regions on Saturday.


The Song: Power to the people? Children of the universe? What’s next, give a little love back to the world? (rolls eyes) I don’t know about this, the structure sounds very odd to me. It starts and stops one too many times and it somehow sounds like two or three different songs that have been thrown into the mix together. Some parts I do like but some parts sound too forced… Did she and her co-writer get lost between her own musical universe and the one she thinks Eurovision is all about? I

The Voice: Same sentiments here actually. In some parts her voice really works and shines, in others it sounds a tad out of place. It doesn’t really work. Especially with those backings, who are the most memorable bit about this entry.

The Performance: Band set-up is the way to go here, she seems like the kind of girl who’d get lost in a forced stage act anyway.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? Nope
Intriguing? Not enough
Modern? Musically sometimes, otherwise: no (despite the hipster feel she’s projecting)
International? The message might be, but the wrapping is too fickle I feel

In one line: “And we’re all gonna shine a light together” sounded much more effective and even thàt was too sugary for its own good…in 1997.
PREDICTION: It won’t happen, BBC. Kuddos for giving new talent a chance though.


  1. Israel  92
  2. Norway  88
  3. Hungary  87
  4. Iceland  84
  5. Armenia  83
  6. Italy  79
  7. Austria  77
  8. Poland  76
  9. France  75
  10. Germany  75
  11. Netherlands  74
  12. Finland  73
  13. Switzerland  73
  14. Albania  72
  15. Estonia  72
  16. Lithuania  70
  17. FYR Macedonia  68
  18. Malta  67
  19. Ukraine  65
  20. Belgium  65
  21. United Kingdom  62
  22. Azerbaijan  61
  23. Montenegro  58
  24. Russia  58
  25. Moldova  55
  26. Ireland  52
  27. Sweden 51
  28. Denmark 50
  29. Romania  42
  30. Belarus  42
  31. Slovenia  35
  32. Spain  28
  33. San Marino  26
  34. Greece  18
  35. Portugal  14
  36. Latvia  4
  37. Georgia  0

So there you have it!
Now, time to gaze into the stars and predict the future!

Semi 1 Prediction
Certainties: Armenia, Estonia, Iceland, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary
Contenders for the open spots: Sweden (yes!), Latvia (uhu!), Moldova (just because) & Netherlands
Can’t see any of the other four make it and Sweden might be the surprise non qualifier this year.

Semi 2 Prediction
Certainties: Malta, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Greece, Romania
Contenders for the open spots: Israel, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland

Final prediction
I don’t have a freaking clue. My pinky toe is whispering it’s gonna be Denmark again which, in case you missed it, I think would be an outrage. But it genuinely seems like an open competition so BRING IT ON!

Stay tuned in the meanwhile, interviews from Amsterdam will be up next week!


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