Eurovision 2012: interviews with Turkey & Latvia

As promised I’m kicking off a series of interviews we had with a couple of artists at last week’s event in Amsterdam. I’ve been able to go and interview participating artists at the three most recent editions for Belgian website and now you can find them on here as well. We managed to get 10 artists in front of the camera & I’ll publish two per day. Today we end the series with Turkey & Latvia!!

Let’s start the last part of the series with Turkey. Now, those of you who’ve read the (p)reviews on here will know I’m not too fond of the Turkish entry as I don’t really ‘feel’ the performance Can Bonomo‘s giving us. He’s very hyper which somehow rubs me the wrong way in combination with his song. But. He’s an absolute delight to interview, he’s very witty and quick and doesn’t obey to the “I’m a serious artist so I have a certain composure towards the press” attitude. He’s very much himself, a big plus in my book, and even though I didn’t have him on my shortlist of people to interview I’m glad we got him in front of the camera anyway.

We end with Latvia and here I had the reverse effect of what I had with Turkey. Judging by the nation final and the video I had Anmary down as a must have for the interviews as I thought she’d make a great conversation partner and I was a bit disappointed. I have to add she told me she’d been awake for 36 hours straight so I imagine talking to the press isn’t the first thing you’d like to do but she hardly responded to anything and kept things too general (for my taste…). A bit of a missed opportunity I feel. Me sad.

There we go! Keep your eye out for the polls I’m going to launch in the next couple of days ànd I did a quiz with the countries we interviewed in Amsterdam which we’ll release shortly. Stay tuned!


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