Voting poll semi 1 closed – here are the results!

Over the past couple of days I invited you to vote for your ten favorites in the first semi. Now that THE day has arrived, let’s take a look at (y)our preferred ten for tonight!

Keep in mind that I asked for your preferred ten, this is not a prediction!
These are the ten countries the Dimivision crowd wants to see again on Saturday:

  1. Romania
  2. Iceland
  3. Cyprus
  4. Denmark
  5. Finland
  6. Greece
  7. Latvia
  8. Hungary

    For places 9 & 10 there’s a three way tie between Austria, Ireland and Israel.

Quite the nice top ten, well done to all of us! Russia, Moldova, Switzerland, Belgium and Albania did well but just fell outside of the top 10, it was a close call. The only non-hopers in the field for tonight would appear to be San Marino & Montenegro – quelles surprises!

I have not yet seen any of the video footage spread around the internet but I have been following blogs to see what impressions fellow fans in Baku have and I think it’s obvious Russia will not land outside of the top 10. Otherwise I think our top ten is quite solid but Cyprus, Finland, Hungary and Latvia might easily be replaced by Russia, Moldova, Belgium and Albania… Such a tough one to call, I love it!

You can still vote for semi 2, in the meantime: ENJOY SEMI 1 TONIGHT EVERYONE!! And may the best one win!


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