Eurovision 2012: interviews with Slovenia & Hungary

As promised I’m kicking off a series of interviews we had with a couple of artists at last week’s event in Amsterdam. I’ve been able to go and interview participating artists at the three most recent editions for Belgian website and now you can find them on here as well. We managed to get 10 artists in front of the camera & I’ll publish two per day. Today: Slovenia & Hungary!!

In Amsterdam there were 23 countries present so naturally we had to be a bit selective on the one hand and grab any opportunity on the other hand – Slovenia falls into the latter category. I have to admit I had her on my ‘plan B’ list but opportunity presented itself and naturally we went for it. I found her to surprisingly mature for her age, very down to earth and with a lot of respect for the songwriter – in other words: I was pleasantly surprised and much like Albania I’ve started to see her entry in a different light…

Over to Hungary then, which was out first interview of the day in Amsterdam. The set-up was a bit weird, there was no room for me to sit and they were spread out around the table so I fold myself in awkward positions to be able to reach them with the microphone. The atmosphere was a bit gloomy, felt as if they were not realy keen on doing the press thing. Disappointing really but I still love their entry. Too bad it’s going to be stuck in the semi – a bit of fresh air in their performance might work miracles…

Tomorrow the two final interviews: Turkey & Latvia!


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