Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 13: Germany, United Kingdom & Netherlands



Lucky number thirteen gets to close this year’s previews – but we’re saving some crystal ball gazing ànd the results of how you lovely people out there voted for a part 14. So be gone mr. Murphy! Speaking of feeling lucky – how will our final trio do? Is there another 5**** entry in there?

4. Germany – Jendrik – I Don’t Feel Hate

The Song: Picking up the ukulele and  electric guitar where Alf Poier left off, Jendrik treats us to some hilarious advice when it comes to dealing with other’s views/comments/etc… The hilarious part is the production of course, while the lyrics are very on point and social media savvy. This is just one ball of energy coming at ya and you’re either swooped up or bulldozed by it. I’m definitely part of the former – even if the bridge and the recurring whistle sound take it a bit too much to Jungle Book (the animated movie) territory for my liking.

Standout line: “(I’ll let you be common Eileen)” Points deducted, cause I really HATE ‘Come on Eileen’.

The Voice: Mischievous teenage vocals for a mischievous teenage vibe – sounds about right.

The Style: Will they bring the middle finger outfit, and will the EBU condone it? Not that it needs this, on the contrary. A splash of color suffices to help this along nicely. Or, just thinking out loud, some cardboard cut-outs of farm animals?

In one line: Hashtag sorrynotsorry.
Why it will be top ten 10 in the final: Rebellious but likeable, always manages to get votes.
Why it won’t be top ten 10 in the final:
It’s too contrary.

Give your own rating for Germany down at the bottom of the page

5. United Kingdom – James Newman – Embers

The Song: So. Relieved. The possibility of having a ‘My Last Breath’ 2.0 was real, but they took a completely different direction with a funky tune that is anything but gloomy.  The melody creeps into your brain mid-song, it’s a sneaky little thing. The production feels a bit too sparse however. In the hands of david Guetta and rag’n Bone Mane, this probably would have turned out to be a summer bop. And ’embers’ isn’t necessarily the prettiest word, somehow – but I just realized I’m going into overanalyzing-mode. (Who? Moi? Never!)

Standout line: “Sometimes I know my fire burns low” Luckily, campfire season is upon us!

The Voice: Lots of variation but nothing too challenging – just ride the funky wave and we’ll all be fine.

The Style: Please don’t put a DJ on stage. Remember: “In real life of course, this is thirty years old but in Eurovision, it will give your number a contemporary feel.” Other than that: party away! (Now watch them ruin it with another non-descript stage act…)

In one line: I like the UK entry. 2021 is at least as weird as 2020.
Why it will be top ten 10 in the final: Europe’s in the mood to party.
Why it won’t be top ten 10 in the final:
Brexit? Is that still a thing?

Give your own rating for UK down at the bottom of the page

6. Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy – Birth Of A New Age

The Song: So apparently it’s become a bit of a tradition to come with something completely left-field as the home entry. It has the double bonus of being able to impress in a musical way yet has little to no risk of ending up with a consecutive win. No shade. The Dutch home entry is so unapologetically unlike anything else in the competition, and even in ESC history. Loving the electronic verses here, which are a cool contrast to that hymn of a chorus that really surprises at first hearing. This is  a statement on so many levels – lyrically, musically, visually… It brings, much like Grow last year but in a completely different way, an arty feel to things that we have seldom seen at Eurovision.

Standout line: ‘Mi Na Afu Sensi, No Wan Man E Broko Mi’  You know why.

The Voice: Also taking advantage of recorded backings, presumably? Why not, this song almost begs for it – I know, what am I even saying? This is what the song does to me, I guess. Jeangu should be completely fine, going by his earlier work.

The Style: Loving the explosion of color in some shots there, wonder how much of Suriname we’ll get in the stage performance. Or on Jeangu even – though that slick green top at the start of the video was a nice touch as well. Guess we’ll all be surprised once more!

In one line: It’s art, Jim, but not as we know it.
Why it will be top ten 10 in the final: Europe’s in the mood for something out of the box.
Why it won’t be top ten 10 in the final:

Give your own rating for Netherlands down at the bottom of the page

A final post will follow with some crystal ball gazing AND the results of your voting! Stay tuned!








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One thought on “Eurovision 2021 Previews Part 13: Germany, United Kingdom & Netherlands

  1. We’re nervous about Embers here in the UK. James has done everything right, he’s ingratiated himself with the contest and is serious about bringing the UK a good result unlike the last few years (SuRie excluded) where the artist was only in it for their own exposure and didn’t understand how the contest works. There’s a sense of “if this doesn’t do well, what more can we do?” – which will play into the hands of “TEH EUROPE HATES US” brigade. A win is not realistic, but I’m hoping this might be our Anouk year.

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